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Would you kiss and tell?

Poor old Tiger Woods, his life seems to be falling apart and all because of the revelations of a waitress he was having an affair  with.  It started me thinking about the many escorts I know and the code of ethics they live by.  There have been many famous faces and wealthy business men using, other escort agencies and independent escorts over the years, yet silence is golden.  It seems to me that this girl had it all planned and you do kinda have to feel sorry for him.  Affairs may not be considered the way to behave, but she knew what she was doing and that he was married and she must have known the upset her revelations in the papers would cause.   In my experience the only time women do a kiss and tell is if they feel shortchanged, so maybe this girl thought she should be getting more from Tiger - we will never know.  This scenario gives the sex industry a pat on the head, shows the chaps out their that if you're going to stray on the wife, perhaps a professional is the way to go.  Whether it's an escort for company or a prostitute for more, at least 'the contract' is clear from the word go and there is no room for the "but I thought he loved me" s..... K x

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