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What’s On Your Sex Bucket List? And is it worth it?

Sex. It's something most adults do, and not just for procreation. Everyone has fantasies; some stay in the mind, while others become reality. From threesomes to sex in weird places, you probably have a sex bucket list. 

What’s on yours and is it worth your time and energy? Let's find out. 

Sex in public places 

There's something about having sex in a public place that turns people on. Perhaps it's the taboo nature of being intimate in public, or maybe the excitement of getting caught turns you on - but is taking your encounters out of the bedroom worth it? 

The mile-high club 

Yes, the idea of joining the mile-high club is still popular - even though it lacks practicality. Movies love to portray it as an intimate experience that's a real turn-on, but we all know how small plane toilets are. 

From noisy cabins to people queueing up, becoming a fully-fledged member of the mile club requires a lot of planning. Is it worth it? Well, that's for you to decide. 

Sex on the beach 

Another encounter that's popularised by movies and TV shows, sex on the beach seems like an exotic experience - but is it practical? Most beaches are crowded, so you're unlikely to find a secluded spot to enjoy a session. 

Also, it isn't a comfortable experience, as sand gets EVERYWHERE. 


For people who love to walk on the wild side, dogging combines sex in public places with exhibitionism and voyeurism thrown in for good measure. It often takes place in secluded areas, where couples will drive and engage in sex. 

Other people might watch or join in - but is dogging a good idea? Firstly, you never know who you'll meet, which can be worrying - and dangerous - for some people. 

So, if you want to push the boundaries, move out of the bedroom and head to the garage for some fun. 

Sex in water 

Whether it's the sea or a lake, sex in the water is a stimulating experience. Unfortunately, it can also be painful for women, as the water will dry up any natural lubrication. So, instead of getting down and dirty in the water, focus on the foreplay. 

Better still, instead of risking getting caught in public, run a romantic bath at home and enjoy uninterrupted foreplay. 

Taboo sex 

Taboo sex is classified as anything that might be out of the norm. However, society is more open-minded now, and what's normal for one person might be taboo for another. 

With that in mind, let's explore the most popular sexual fantasies in this category. 


As the OG of sexual fantasies, threesomes never go out of fashion. Bringing another person into the bedroom can bring couples closer while adding some passion to the relationship. 

Threesomes require a lot of trust and understanding on all sides. Jumping into one can result in jealousy and negative feelings, potentially destroying relationships. They can be worth it, but only if everyone knows the potential impact. 


Swinging is when couples swap partners and engage in sexual activity. There are numerous forms of it, including private meet-ups or going to parties. As with threesomes, the activity requires a lot of understanding from both people and boundary setting. 

Surprisingly, some couples say swinging brings them closer together, but it can also have the opposite effect. Is it worth it? That depends on your relationship and whether you both want to experience swinging. 

Anal sex 

It doesn't get much more taboo than anal sex. In recent years, it's become a more accepted subject, but still relatively rare among heterosexual couples. According to Women's Health, around 30% of straight women and 34% of men have engaged in anal sex. 

Anal sex can be pleasurable, but only if both people prepare for the experience and take it slow. If you're interested in A-Level play, it's vital to have an open discussion and ensure the recipient is comfortable.


CIF experiences are highly sought after among men, but women are understandably less enthusiastic. It stands for cum in face, where the man climaxes on his partner's face after a session.

Some women are happy to engage because it empowers them, while others won't entertain the idea. If you're lucky enough to find a CIF enthusiast, the experience can be incredibly gratifying. 

Sexual positions 

Sex doesn't have to be boring - especially with the many positions available to try. While some people are happy with the missionary position and good old doggy style, others want to push the boundaries and experience new things. 

Some of these positions are relatively easy, while others require a great deal of strength and flexibility. 

The wheelbarrow 

Named because of its similarity to how someone uses a wheelbarrow, this sex position is great - in theory. The man will stand with his knees bent while the woman wraps her legs around his waist. 

Her forearms will be on the floor to support her weight, and the men will be on her thighs. The strength both people need means the wheelbarrow is often one of those positions you try for a few minutes and then switch to something easier. 


The 69 is still one of the most popular sex positions around, as the idea of mutually receiving pleasure is a welcome one for people. There are many ways to try a 69, and finding the right position means both parties can enjoy the experience. 

Women who are experienced with 69 sex are more likely to indulge your fantasies, as they'll have the confidence to try different positions. 

Reverse cowgirl 

The reverse cowgirl is eternally popular for both men and women. Unlike the traditional cowgirl position, the woman's back is behind you in this position, making it a more primal experience. 

It's also easier than a lot of other positions, with larger people being able to enjoy it. 

Final thoughts 

Well, there you have it: the most fantasised about sexual experiences and whether they're worth it. Now, all you need to do is think about your favourite and find ways to bring those fantasies to life. 

Remember, some of these ideas work better as fantasies than realities, but we'll let you decide which is worth your time and effort.

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