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London Escort Agencies - Cherry Girls London Escorts provides a full listing of the most popular Escort Agencies in London and London Escorts.

You could also contact Independent London Escorts, which has the added benefit of talking to the escorts directly.

All London Escorts featured on Escort Agency pages are believed to be genuine.

For men who have never booked a date through an Escort Agency before, choosing which agency to call can be a rather daunting experience. Even for men who know the ropes, there are so many Escort Agencies in London with more opening all the time, so it is often a case of trial and occasional error. The Escort Agencies advertising in this section have been vetted by Cherry Girls and therefore are reliable and safe.

How to Use an Escort Agency

When you call an Escort Agency, always remember that the receptionist is either a girl who has been an Escort herself or if not then someone who knows all the ins and outs, so it is always best to be frank and straightforward when you talk to her. Being polite will get you a long way towards making a successful booking, and it is unwise to try to pull wool over her eyes because she will have heard it all before and more than likely be able to read between the lines. You might already have chosen an Escort from the Agency’s portfolio, but if that Escort is unavailable, the receptionist will probably suggest another Escort that matches your criteria.

There are certain rules that should not be broken when calling an Escort Agency such as never be too drunk or argumentative, as this will only lead to the agency refusing your booking. Obviously, all the Escort Agencies have their own particular criteria for deciding whether to accept a booking or not, but an important factor when booking an outcall date is to confirm that you are indeed staying at the hotel you call from, because they would not want the Escort turning up there without confirmation that you are a guest.

If you are calling to book an incall, then the agency will most likely call you back to confirm the number you are calling from before giving you the address of the Escort, and then there are some things to remember when you arrive. Never arrive with someone else as this contravenes an imperative and important rule; be as discreet as possible when arriving and look respectable, as you may find that if the Escort doesn’t like your appearance, she may well not let you in.

Most dates are straightforward, and in that case, it is unnecessary to inquire from the Escort Agency about a particular Escort’s services; but if you are looking for special services such as BDSM or indeed any fetish services, it is best to ask about these with as much subtlety as you can manage.

If you are quite new to using Escort Agencies, rest assured that they are there to facilitate your bookings, and they will do everything possible to ensure you get the satisfaction you deserve. Remember that they are your friends, not your adversaries, and you will find that over time they will greet you more and more warmly and the process will run as smooth as silk.
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