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Unleash Your Sexual Energy Through Erotic Massage

There are few things that will ever truly rival the sensation of a London tantric massage. It's an experience that awakens the senses, and takes your sexual energy to its peak, before allowing you to release in a safe and inviting environment.

Our highly skilled massage therapists are able to provide a unique service throughout London. Whether you're on the outskirts or in central London, our massage services are the best kept secret you'll ever discover.

Enjoy a Unique Experience

Tantric massage provides a unique experience because it combines mental and physical stimulation for the ultimate release. If you're sick of mechanical meetings with escorts and feel like you never get your money's worth, then it's time to try a massage.

With a tantric massage, you know exactly what you're getting but will still be surprised at how good it feels. Physically you'll feel a release, but our escorts know how to take your mind to new heights.

Maybe you're always busy and need to unwind, or perhaps you want to experience a tantric massage for someone that knows what they're doing. Cherry Girls specialise in all areas of tantric massage and guarantee you'll have a wonderful experience.

There are many benefits to the ancient practice of tantric massage including:


Tantra is so much more than a physical experience. When done right, it takes you on a spiritual journey and teaches you how to embrace stress, releasing it in positive ways.


Learn how to become a better lover by experiencing the emotional aspects of tantric massage. Our gorgeous professonal will help you to understand how vulnerable and sensitive this ancient practice will make you, in a safe environment.

Tantric Sensations

Tantric massages are unique because they focus on sensory pleasure rather than working through each muscle group. Most escort agencies fail to offer an experience like this, and while some do provide massages, they often involve bringing clients to a quick release and leaving them feeling unsatisfied.

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy a slow, pleasurable experience when it comes to Cherry Girls. Tantric massage is all about taking your time and letting your body experience each touch until it finds that release.

Connect With Your Escort

For many people, hiring an escort is a daunting experience. So many agencies make you feel like a customer rather than a client. Our escorts are friendly, professional and most importantly, never make you feel inferior.

Tantric massages provide the perfect way for you to connect with your escort through body to body touch and slow build-ups of pleasure filled releases.

Most importantly, we only work with escorts that take an enthusiastic approach to their work and treat each client well.

Relaxing Environments

You don't have to worry about tacky boudoirs or the traditional, sleazy massage shop setting with our tantric massage agency. Our escorts know how to create the right mood for your needs and will make sure you're relaxed and comfortable before they begin.

As an agency, we ensure all of our escorts live in good conditions and refuse to let any aspect of our business be seedy.

If you're looking for a high-quality tantric massage with a stunning escort, then you've come to the right place.

Sexual Healing Through Whole Body Massages

Erotic massages offer so much more than a sensual experience. They can help you to discover new levels of pleasure and develop an intense connection with a tantric masseuse that knows how to bring you to orgasm through a massage session.

Most of our clients choose to return for a massage experience, because it's such a world changing physical sensation. Sexual healing is a real thing, and our highly skilled erotic masseuses will bring you the best massage experience.

How Does a London Tantric Massage Work?

Tantric massage is very different from your average massage because it relies on awakening the senses through a series of touches and sensory experiences. Your masseuse might run their hands lightly over your body to make your skin more sensitive and ensure you feel every single part of the massage.

It brings out every little sensitive area of your body and creates a euphoric experience that takes you out of this world.

Why Should a Tantric Massage in London Only be Performed by Experts?

Every aspect of an amazing tantric massage involves the masseuse moving with your body and enhancing each moment that makes your body quiver. No person is the same, and our masseuses will treat you as an individual throughout the experience.

They'll bring you to the point of pleasure and help you to reach that release, then take you down afterwards. Each moment you spend with a Cherry Girl will enhance your sexual maturity and help you to discover new things that you like.

Let's not forget that you'll also learn how to do tantric massages yourself, which can enhance your romantic life and make you a better lover.

Our escorts are here to work with you and ultimately want you to have the most incredible experience. We should warn you, though, that once you go tantric, you'll never go back.

Choose From a Delicious Range of Massage Therapists

We have something for everyone and know that each of our girls is special. Cherry Girls is about finding the right women to make a man's dreams come true, which means they must have specific qualities.


Each Cherry Girl is gorgeous, and we don't settle for anything other than aesthetic appeal. Everyone's got their type, and with our service, there's always an escort to represent yours.

From mysterious brunettes to busty blondes and fiery redheads, you can stick to what you know and like or try something different.


Each of our massage therapists must show what they can do, and we don't take just anyone. If an escort can't perform a range of massage techniques, we're not interested in them.

You can rest assured that our escorts will take you to places you never dreamed of, and you're going to enjoy every single moment of a tantric massage and what it offers.


You don't want to experience something this intimate with a cold and unwelcoming escort, so please don't settle for your average agency. Our stunning ladies are friendly and reassuring, so you don't have to worry about feeling unwelcome.

They love performing full body tantric massages and enjoy helping every client to reach that point of pleasure.

Safety Information

We want to continue providing our clients with mind blowing experiences, and will continue to operate under covid 19 guidelines. All of our erotic services including full body massage therapy and tantra will be subject to each client being covid 19 free.

We test our girls regularly, and are happy to provide more information. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss pandemic safe massages.

Book a Tantra Massage Session Today

Are you ready to discover the erotic sensation of sensual massages? As one of the best tantric massage London agencies around, we're confident that any erotic massage you receive will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you're in central London or the UK you can access our massage services and connect with our stunning tantric masseuses. We're the best kept secret of many clients, and offer a world class exlusive service, that offers many emotional, spiritual and physical benefits.

If you're ready to enjoy a better life and get exclusive access to this ancient relaxation technique, please feel free to take a look at our fully trained available ladies. They operate within a range of locations, and can visit you in your hotel.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our professional team. We're available through email, or give us a call.
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