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How Being A Feminist Man Leads to Better Sex

Gone are the days of traditional gender roles, where men were providers and women were homemakers. Today, the playing field is more level—but that doesn’t mean some males respect the rights and freedom of women. 

An article published by The Daily Mail found that feminist women have better sex than their traditional counterparts, disproving the controversial theories of Republican Ted Cruz. 

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that males who identify as feminists have better sex and enjoy it more often than those who don’t.

What is a feminist man?

Feminism is an ideology governed by the belief that women should have the same rights as men. 

From the Suffragette movement that fought for the right to vote to ongoing battles regarding equal pay and abortion rights, many would agree that women still struggle to go through life on a level playing field. 

A feminist man recognises and actively promotes women as his equals. While many say they’re feminists, few understand the battles women face in their personal and professional lives. 

Males who identify with feminism are more likely to discourage the notion of traditional gender roles and advocate for women’s rights. 

Do they have better sex?

Yes, they do. We’ve already established that feminist women have better sex, and a Canadian study links feminist men with healthier sex lives. The Sex in Canada book provides valuable insights into the sex lives of Canadians and finds that feminist men have: 

More sex

One in three men see feminism as a bad thing, with many stating it threatens masculinity (Iosos). However, men who recognise and promote women’s rights have more sex than their non-feminist counterparts. 

Better sex

The study also highlighted that feminist men give and receive more oral sex. Women often experience significant pleasure from clitoral stimulation, and many can only climax through it. So, give, and you shall receive! 

Why advocating for feminism results in a better sex life 

So, now we know that both feminist men and women have better sex lives, it’s time to reveal why. From being more assertive to having higher confidence levels, supporting the cause can help you find a strong woman who will rock your world. 


Women are held to ridiculously high beauty and body standards in a traditionally masculine society—think Hollywood and Playboy. Feminist women reject these ideals and love their bodies for what they’re capable of. 

A positive body image leads to more confidence, which opens the doors for experimentation. Supporting the cause and rejecting traditional roles could give you more opportunities for passion. 


Men love strong women, and feminists are known for being assertive. She’ll tell you what she wants and be willing to push the boundaries on traditional sexual roles. 

Whether that’s indulging in some 69 fun or experimenting with BDSM, an assertive woman is more likely to enjoy a varied sex life that doesn’t focus on traditional roles. 


Unfortunately, conservative beliefs mean some men still believe women are only there to procreate and satisfy the male’s sexual needs. As a man who actively understands women and gives them what they want, you’re more likely to experience more gratitude. 

Whether you love receiving oral sex or want to experiment with some fetish play, the give-and-take nature of equal relationships results in a better experience for both the man and woman. 


The McMaster University study on feminist women also revealed that feminists are more likely to enjoy cuddling after sex than non-feminists. Kissing can improve intimacy between two people, resulting in satisfying experiences. 

While conservative men and women also kiss and cuddle regularly, liberal couples have the edge on post-intercourse intimacy. 

Revolutionise your sex life with these tips 

If you want to understand women more and enjoy more satisfying relationships, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with feminism and understand what it means. These tips will help you enjoy better relationships and a full sex life: 


Learn about the challenges women face and do your research. Many women in corporate positions are still paid less than their male counterparts, and women are dramatically underrepresented in some occupations. 


Toxic masculinity is an ongoing issue in today’s society, with many men expected to be providers and protectors. Males struggle with these stereotypes, too, but challenging them can help you understand the expectations women face. 


Look at corporate and political inequalities and actively support female leadership. With constant advocacy campaigns speaking out on violence against women, getting involved can help you gain an in-depth understanding of them. 

Practice equality

Whether it’s dating or within your current relationship, equality isn’t just an ideal; it’s something we should all practice. Parenting, social lives and intimate experiences should all focus on equality, with each person giving and receiving. 

Ready to enter the world of feminism?

Male feminists will continue to disrupt traditional views and view women as their equals. Feminism can be daunting for a lot of males, but most women favour liberals over their ultra-conservative counterparts. Meeting strong women and going on dates with stunning ladies can help you understand the benefits of feminism and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships - where pleasure is a given.

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