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Escorting and the Law: What You Need to Know

Whether it's for a special event, some companionship or an indulgent treat, escort services are highly popular in the UK. Spending time with an escort can be a fantastic experience, but many people don't understand the laws surrounding escorting services.

So let's clear up any ambiguity and give you all the facts on escorting laws. When you finish this article, you'll be more confident about your legal obligations when booking a Cherry Girl so you can enjoy a truly indulgent experience.

The UK's laws on sex work

Sex work encompasses a wide range of industries, and not just prostitution, as many people believe. However, navigating the complex legal framework is challenging for workers and clients, as the UK's laws are full of grey areas.

Selling or exchanging sexual services for money is legal in the UK, allowing individuals to work as escorts and engage in consensual activities for financial gain.

As the Metropolitan Police says, "Sex work can be prostitution, stripping or lap dancing, performing in pornography, phone or internet sex, or any other sexual services in return for money, goods, or other agreed items"

However, while sex work itself is legal, there are circumstances where someone would be breaking the law. This includes:


While selling sex is legal, certain activities related to solicitation are illegal. It's unlawful for a person to loiter or solicit in a public place when selling sexual services. For example, if a person is engaging in street-based work, the police have the right to take action.

Both sex workers and clients are liable to these laws, and the penalty usually results in a fine, but people also have the opportunity to attend meetings instead of paying the money.

These meetings explore why the person is engaging in street-based sex work and help them find ways to remove themselves from the situation in the future.

You can see the solicitation and sentencing laws in the Policing And Crime Act (2009) legislation, along with the 1959 Street Offences Act and Sexual Offences Act (2003), which also covers sexual offences.

Brothel keeping

Operating a brothel where two or more people engage in prostitution is illegal. This rule includes large properties with numerous sex workers engaging in prostitution and working with someone else where you both live in the same property.

The police need a warrant to enter a property without consent, but they can conduct welfare checks to gather information if they think the individuals are involved in prostitution.

According to the UK Sentencing Council, a seven-year custodial sentence is the maximum punishment for operating a brothel.

Pimping and exploitation

There are severe penalties in place for individuals convicted of facilitating and profiting from someone's exploitation. Human trafficking is against the law and one of the most significant challenges the UK faces, with 2022 experiencing the highest rates since 2009 (The Guardian).

Many victims of sex trafficking are also underage, and people will get in trouble for engaging in activities with them - as with street prostitution. The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act (2015) covers all forms of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

What are the differences between escorts and prostitutes?

Let's make one thing clear - when you hire an escort, you're not meeting up with a prostitute.

Escorts are not prostitutes.

Yes, escorts operate within the sex industry, as do other people. Jobs such as exotic dancing, phone sex workers, cam girls, certain models and even writers could fall into this category, and none of them commit a criminal offence as long as they work according to the law.

Let's take a look at the main differences between escorts and prostitution.


A prostitute will sell sex to potential clients, who might find her advert in the classifieds or through meetings on a street or public place—despite clear laws. These encounters usually involve some form of sexual act, and the sex worker will want to perform their role in exchange for money and then leave.

Escorts provide various services; a date with an escort is about experience above anything else. For example, a companion will accompany you to an event, share a romantic dinner and spend real time with you. Conversation, flirting, and a real date experience are all possible with escorts, and the relationship that develops can often include emotional intimacy.


Trawling the streets looking for sexual services is never a good idea - and not just because of the legal implications. You don't know who you'll meet and whether you're walking into a trap.

Escorts have safe meeting places, usually in up-market hotels or apartments. These ladies make good money, and their classy nature means you'll usually be in a secure environment.


Unfortunately, many street sex workers are victims of organised crime and child prostitution, which means you're not entering into an agreement between two consenting adults but contributing to an industry that causes serious harm to its victims.

Escort services on the other hand ensure their employees are of legal age and consent, so you won't have to worry about falling foul of the law. Also, while there are initiatives to protect sex workers from STIs, there's always a risk of contracting something when inciting prostitution.

Most escorts have regular health tests and take care of their bodies, so you can be sure of a safe experience.


Things get a bit complicated when it comes to the laws between prostitution and escort services. According to prostitution laws, escort services that advertise sex are technically illegal - but the escorts cannot be arrested for providing sexual services.

So, most escort services will clearly state their escorts are for companionship and that you're paying for time only because this is true.

Escort agencies cannot ask anyone on their books to perform a particular service; clients must know this.

When you meet with an escort, any intimate experience is an agreement between two consenting adults, and there are no guarantees that the escort you're with will offer any sexual service.

How to ensure you keep safe

If you'd like to spend time with a sex worker, you must be aware of your responsibilities. Sex buyer laws clearly state that individuals should not pay people for sexual services on the street or in public places, as this falls under solicitation.

However, if you engage in activity with someone under the age of consent or a victim of trafficking, you could have severe repercussions from the Criminal Justice System, including custodial sentences and appearing on the Sex Offenders Database, which will seriously impact your future.

Following these tips will ensure a safe experience and not cause undue harm to a sex worker.

Do your research

Understand the issues surrounding sex workers and why the government is committed to controlling prostitution.

Many street workers have severe financial difficulties and are vulnerable due to their circumstances, as you can see from this article by Streetlight UK, which details drug addiction, runaways, and individuals coerced into prostitution.

Escorts choose to work in the industry because they get to meet upper-class clients and enjoy the finer things in life, not because they're in a vulnerable situation.

Check the website properly

You should also check the website for clear policies surrounding sexual activity. If the agency clearly states you're paying for time and companionship only, you can be sure that you're going through a reputable service and won't have to worry about any legal repercussions.

It's also a good idea to check reviews from previous clients, as this will give you an insight into how the agency operates.

Choose a secure meeting place

While most independent and agency escorts are available for outcall bookings, some will also offer incall visits. If you're arranging an outcall booking, choose a safe place to meet, such as in public or at your hotel.

Incall visits with escorts are also secure, as long as you check that the agency is reputable before booking.

The bottom line

Spending time with a beautiful lady is something most men (and some women!) would like to experience, and escorts never fail to deliver beauty and conversation. By ensuring you act responsibly, you'll have a great time with your chosen escort and be sure she's performing her work legally.

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