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The Best Restaurants For A Date In London

London is a fantastic place to enjoy spending time with an escort. Its variety of hotels, bars and restaurants means there's something for everyone, and high-class escorts expect their dates to show them a good time, plus part of the fun is showing off a beautiful lady on your arm. 

In this guide, we'll reveal the best restaurants in London that will impress your date and make her very grateful for your time together. 

Hotel Restaurants

Planning on staying in London? Hotel restaurants allow you to make your visit easier while still enjoying excellent food. 

Many of these restaurants also have five-star ratings, and some are Michelin rated, making them perfect for showing your chosen escort a good time. 

The Ritz Restaurant 

As one of the world's most famous hotels, you can expect The Ritz Restaurant to offer a dining experience like no other. If you want to treat your date to delicious food and a classic ambience, this restaurant never disappoints. 

With its classic combination of French and English cuisine, The Ritz has various dining options, including four-course, five-course and seven-course meals. 

Guests can also enjoy a vegan menu and a lavish champagne selection. The dessert menu holds nothing back, with soufflés and English strawberries offering a sweet treat after dinner. 

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Located within the Shangri-La Hotel is this Asian-inspired restaurant that offers innovative dishes. Classic British food gets an Asian twist with various dining times, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Guests can enjoy reasonable prices, with the three-course lunch menu costing just £46. There are also vegan and vegetarian options and a diverse drinks menu. 

Visitors can also marvel at epic views of the city from The Shard's windows, making Ting the perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal. 

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Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester 

With three Michelin stars, this hotel restaurant is one of the most popular places to have an exquisite dinner in London. 

Alain Ducasse is a highly celebrated chef who brought his vision for French cuisine to life, creating an extraordinary dining experience for guests. 

When you step into this restaurant, you'll feel like you're in another world, with a relaxed ambience and lavish seafood dishes reigning supreme. 

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Holborn Dining Room 

If you prefer a more relaxed setting, the Holborn Dining Room has a 1930s ambience with elements of the 1960s thrown in for good measure. 

It looks like somewhere Don Draper would go for dinner and uses red leather, oak and antiques to create a traditional setting that somehow also looks contemporary. 

Guests can enjoy classic British dishes, including steaks and pies, with a lavish twist. It's the perfect place to enjoy a laid-back dinner with plenty of conversation. 

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Contemporary Restaurants 

London has a wide selection of modern restaurants that turn the dining concept into a chilled-out hang-out spot for guests. Your chosen escort will love this selection of restaurants for their ultra-cool vibe. 

MiMi Mei Fair 

MiMi Mei Fair is one of London's most popular Chinese restaurants, taking inspiration from one of the most impressive Ancient cultures ever. 

With its unique decor, which combines a British townhouse with a Chinese Palace, guests can choose one of two dining levels and enjoy the unique atmosphere each offers. 

The restaurant focuses on Asian cuisine, and you can choose from a range of delicious dishes, including apple-wood Peking duck and tofu dishes. 

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Located in Fitzrovia, Akoko celebrates West African cuisine in a sophisticated setting. As you can imagine, the food here is bursting with flavour, and it's one of the more unique spots for dinner. 

Using African spices and fresh produce, the chefs at Akoko bring traditional cuisine to life using the live-fire cooking technique. 

The dishes change regularly, and popular items on the menu include Trout Roe and goat cashew cream. 

One thing to mention is that there aren't many vegetarian or vegan choices, so it's best to check with your date before booking. 

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Zuma London

As one of the world’s most popular contemporary Japanese restaurants, Zuma offers an exquisite assortment of traditional dishes with a modern twist. Diners can enjoy a great atmosphere and sample a range of sharer dishes. 

With fresh ingredients and intense flavours, some favourites include the Tempura and Wagyu selections. 

Don’t forget to leave some room for dessert, because with exotic fruit platters and baked cheesecakes on the menu, you won’t want to miss it. 

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If you can find a more beautiful restaurant than Jacuzzi, then you're very lucky. This stunning dining spot calls the up-market area of Kensington and Chelsea home. 

Part of the Big Mamma group, Jacuzzi is simply stunning inside, with a traditional Italian Palazzo interior. Greenery is abundant, and you'll feel like you're dining in Ancient Rome. 

The food, though, is very modern, with a menu that changes every month. Popular dishes include the Kensington Green, aged grilled steaks, and many wines and cocktails. 

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If you're looking for something unique, Akub won't let you down. The restaurant focuses on Palestinian cuisine and calls the picturesque Notting Hill home. 

With traditional dishes galore, you'll find some weird and wonderful flavours here that will ignite your taste buds and take them on a journey. 

The spiced focaccia and bread selection makes the perfect starter, while vegans can enjoy one of the best selections of flavoursome foods.

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Novikov Restaurant & Bar

If variety’s your thing, the Novikov Restaurant & Bar is worth a trip. This lavish restaurant offers visitors a choice of two experiences: Italian and Asian cuisine. 

The Italian Lounge features an assortment of seafood dishes that are bound to impress and desserts, including Tiramisu and hazelnut profiteroles. 

If Asian cuisine is more your thing, enjoy relaxing in a fantastic atmosphere and experience almost every Asian dish you can imagine. 

After your lavish meal, head to the lounge bar for some rare whiskey or deliciously exotic cocktails. 

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Lunch Restaurants 

You might think that London doesn't have many options available for lunch, but that couldn't be further from the truth. 

So many restaurants serve delicious cuisine during the day, and each offers something unique.


A.Wong in Pimlico is a fantastic place to enjoy a lavish lunch in London. Focusing on Asian cuisine, the restaurant offers a fabulous Dim Sum lunch menu featuring a range of traditional foods. 

With scallops, buddha buns and crab, A.Wong is a cost-effective restaurant that offers guests a wonderful experience. 

It's also ideal for a laid-back date with plenty of flirting and conversation. 

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Le Gavroche 

Despite opening in the 1960s, Le Gavroche is still one of London's most sought-after lunch spots. It's old-fashioned, beautiful and where some of the world's most famous chefs trained. 

With a lavish selection of cheeses and traditional British fayre, guests can enjoy the tasting menu or choose the set vegetarian lunch menu, which also comes with a wine option. 

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Forget greasy fish and chips and take your date to Angler, one of London's beloved seafood restaurants. With its beautiful terrace, Angler brings the rooftop dining experience to life in a majestic fashion. 

The ambience is lovely, and the menu changes daily, giving guests plenty of dishes. There are also meat-based dishes available, and the prices are reasonable for the food quality. 

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Frenchie is located in Covent Garden and calls itself a 'modern French brasserie' with an eclectic spirit. With its modern vibe and focus on colourful dishes, the set lunch menu gives visitors plenty of flavours. 

With crispy pork belly and pollock as main courses and traditional French pastries for dessert, your date will love the selection at Frenchie. 

Better still, it has an intimate vibe perfect for a girlfriend experience. 

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Things to consider when choosing a restaurant in London 

When planning a date with an escort, you want to make sure you impress her and choose upmarket restaurants that are sure to impress. 

Considering the following factors before booking a restaurant will ensure both parties have a memorable experience. 

Cuisine and menu

Choose a restaurant that offers a cuisine both you and your date enjoy. London is known for its diverse culinary scene, so whether it's Italian, Indian, Japanese, or fusion, make sure the restaurant's menu caters to your preferences.

Ambience and atmosphere

The restaurant's ambiance sets the tone for your date. Most people choose cosy and intimate settings when dating an escort because they're more private.


Pick a restaurant that is convenient for both you and your date to reach. London has a vast transportation network, so consider the distance and accessibility via public transport or walking.

Reservation policy

Many popular restaurants in London require reservations, so plan before the date. Booking in advance also means you can specify the type of table you want, such as next to a window or in a quiet area. 

Special dietary needs

If you or your date have dietary restrictions or preferences, ensure the restaurant can accommodate them without compromising the dining experience.

While many restaurants in London offer some vegetarian and vegan options, it's still best to check. 

Wine and drink selection

Escorts enjoy being wined and dined by their dates, and London restaurants have lavish wine selections. However, it's also essential to check for non-alcoholic options like mocktails.

Ultimately, the ideal date restaurant in London will align with your and your date's preferences, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for both of you.

The bottom line 

A date with an escort is a fantastic experience, and many men go back for more after the initial encounter because they enjoy it so much. However, before booking, make sure you choose a reputable place to find beautiful women. 

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