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The Many Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

In a previous post, we looked at what makes a normal sex life, revealing interesting statistics that challenge general views. Regardless of how much sex you’re having and what you consider is normal for your needs, there’s no doubt that it has numerous benefits. 

According to research published by Sage Journals, having sex once weekly can boost your overall happiness. In this post, we’ll reveal the many benefits of a healthy sex life. 

Mood improvement 

Stress, anxiety and general day-to-day tasks can decrease your mood and make it challenging to function. However, sex is known for its ability to enhance endorphins and dopamine, which are also known as feel-good hormones. 

A regular weekly session could banish that stress and make you feel good for the following days. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Better sleep 

One of the worst feelings in the world is lying awake at night and feeling like you’ll never get some shut-eye. Insomnia can increase stress and lower your mood, making it hard to switch off and enjoy daily activities. 

However, many people find sex helps them sleep, with many women and men reporting they either engage in sex or masturbate to help them fall asleep quickly (NCBI). 

If you find yourself regularly battling with insomnia or struggling to shut your brain off at night, achieving an orgasm boosts prolactin levels, making it easier to relax and fall asleep. 

Enhances intimacy 

When a couple has been together for a long time, it’s only natural for the spark to dwindle. However, making time for intimacy and ensuring you have sex regularly can help to keep the spark alive and improve your relationship. 

If you’re struggling with a lower libido, engaging in sex can actually help reignite your passion as it releases the Oxytocin hormone - also known as the love hormone. 

Reduced risks of prostate cancer 

Prostate cancer is an ongoing concern in men, and catching it early is vital to successful treatment. However, regular intercourse or masturbating can reduce the risks of getting it in the first place. 

A study shows that men who climax around five times a week have significantly lower chances of developing prostate cancer than men who climax a few times a month (European Urology). 

Heightened brain health 

Dementia is one of the most significant health risks to people over 60, with many experiencing the condition’s devastating impacts. There are plenty of lifestyle factors linked to lower risks of dementia, including exercise, diet and brain training exercises - but sex can also help. 

The Journal of Sex Research highlights that adults over 60 who have regular sex experience better cognitive functioning than those who don’t. Remember, masturbation also counts here, so setting some time aside can decrease the risks of dementia. 

Better physical health 

Yes, sex can be the perfect way to rev up your body and burn some extra calories (it’s also more fun than spending hours on a treadmill). 

Research confirms that men who have regular sex are at lower risks of heart disease, while women who have quality sex more often can also benefit from the same effects. 

Sexual activity usually falls under the category of moderate walking, which means regular sessions can help you get a cardiovascular workout and lose weight. 

Fewer menstrual cramps 

Women know the feeling of a painful period all too well, but painkillers and heat packs aren’t the only ways to lower pain. In fact, achieving orgasm while dealing with menstrual cramps can reduce the pain as it helps the muscles relax. 

Some women prefer masturbation rather than intercourse when they’re on their period, but the important thing to remember is that an orgasm can reduce pain. 

Heightened confidence 

We all want to feel desired, and a healthy sex life can significantly boost your self-esteem. It’s similar in many ways to being out with a beautiful woman, as you’ll feel good about yourself and know you’re desirable. 

When we have more confidence, tackling new challenges and enjoying a well-rounded relationship with someone special is easier. 

Final thoughts 

Well, there you have it; regular sex can offer a range of impressive benefits, including revving up your mind and body. Yes, the optimal sex life depends on each person’s needs, but putting time aside for intimacy can offer plenty of advantages.

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