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Let me let you into some surprising sex and relationship for adults.  Did you know that porn can shrink your brain?  A study has found that men who regularly watch porn had a smaller brain volume compared with those who didn't indulge.  But the scientists weren't sure whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first on that one..  In another study, meant to be about men in their 20s who didn't watch porn, well they couldn't find anyone who didn't so it's fact - all men in their twenties watch porn! Did you know that the more you sleep the more sex you'll want?  Yup, sleep gives you the horn.  You're much more likely to want sex if you're full of beans of course, but people who complain of having a low libido might well simply need to get more sleep. Ever wondered what the optimum foreplay time was?  It was agreed by both men and women that 18 minutes was spot on.  So that debunks any rumours that men would rather skip foreplay and get straight down to business! This next one is rather random, but apparently your credit score can predict how long your relationship will last!  The better your credit score the better a partner you'll makeit shows that you are able to meet obligations and resist temptations - all imperative for a successful relationship so actually does make sense! Others include men would choose sex over food, food can stop you fighting with your partner, saying "thankyou" can help to save a relationship, and apparently everyone should play Tiddlewinks before they get married, now surely this one has got to be a euphemism! Hannah Hunter facts

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