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Wasps Nests & Vaginas?! The Mind Boggles….

wasp Never did I ever think I'd see  the words"vagina" and "wasps" mentioned in the same sentence, but the universe never fails to amuse me, and we are about to see just that!  Women are using wasps nests to tighten their vaginas.  No need to go to Spec Savers - you read me right! There is a new trend where oak galls - which is a less intimidating name for nests which house the wasps eggs before they hatch, are being sold online, touted as a natural way to clean a women's lady bits and improve their sex life by tightening the vaginal walls.  The nests are ground up into a paste before being applied topically.  Other sites are claiming that it can cure certain ailments that might occur during and after childbirth - oh please!  But desperate people will try anything I guess, plus it's not surgery so no harm done, right?  Well, apparently it can be harmful, it can disrupt the bacteria within the vagina (no thanks), but the real reason why it might cause tightness is because it dries out the vaginal mucous, and no-one wants a dry vagina, it makes sex pretty painful for starters! Gynaecologists have spoken out before about the dangers of using herbal products for the vagina for a prolonged period of time, most things just aren't meant to stay in the vagina for long (debatable).  So ladies, if you're tempted by anything called an oak gall please proceed with caution, I can't imagine it'll cause much other than misery! Hannah Hunter

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