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Fads can be common place in "health" and beauty products, we (especially women)  are bamboozled constantly, it seems, with new products claiming to make us look younger, healthier & sexier if we only spend our hard-earned cash on them!  It's a mine field out there and so many of these products are completely unnecessary and can even cause adverse effects.  Feminine hygiene (and I'm not talking about tampons and the like), is one such area where women are being conned.  Feminine hygiene wipes and washes are, some might say, misogyny dressed up as health care - well it's most definitely not healthy and any woman using these should use them with caution as they could easily upset the PH balance in the vagina, and consequently causing an odour - the very thing you were wanting to keep at bay!  A new fad involves the humble cucumber, and sticking in up and all around the vagina to "clean" it?? Really??! The vagina is not dirty, it's self-cleaning, just leave it alone fellow ladies, you could end up with more damage that good being done! The cucumber has many fabulous uses such as in salads and de-puffing puffy eyes so stick to what it was made to do!  If there is anything untoward going on downstairs then head to the doctor - simples! Hannah Hunter cucumber

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