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The Perfect Breast

BooooobsThe "beckoning breast" is a type of breast owned by lucky creatures such as Scarlett Johanssen and the Duchess of Cambridge - to name a couple.  It is the proportions of the breast that makes it so appealing to the eye.  A top plastic surgeon has decided - after surveying thousands of people that the breast should be only slightly smaller above the nipple than below.  And this gave rise to the magic ratio of 45:55, meaning that 45% of the breast should be above the nipple line and 55% of it should be below. Therefore the nipple is looking upwards at a 20 degree angle - giving a pleading, "come to mumma" look.. perhaps? ... Maybe?? Throughout history, from Renaissance painters to modern day photographers, many of them have chosen the same proportions.  Other celebs with similarly attractive breasts are Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry and of course the curvaceous Kelly Brook! A whopping great 87% of people surveyed worldwide decided that this ratio was the most attractive, the beckoning breast came out on top!  This was irrespective of age, gender, culture and race.  I guess it's the youthful bounce and pert shape that makes it so appealing, and I emphasise it's the shape and not the size that we find attractive so bear that in mind anyone thinking of getting a boob job.  And FYI - the breasts are the part of the body that men notice third when meeting a women for the first time - are you sure chaps?! Hannah Hunter

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