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The Naked Form

bignaked A male friend  asked me earlier did women get turned on when they see a naked male body in the same way men get turned on when they see a naked female body.   My response was "not really".  Of course any red-blooded female loves a fit body, maybe with a defined ab or 6 but when we see a naked willy I really don't think it brings about the same lustfulness as it does for a man seeing a woman's bits.  It down to nature isn't it? Now at risk of offending feminists out there, if women went about their sexual lives the way  men do (which we would if every willy we saw made us feel we wanted to jump straight on it) where would all the mothers of this world be?  We can't have 2 different sexes with the same additude towards sex.  Traditionally men are the hunter/gatherers/seed sowers and women are the nurturing ones.  Maybe this is why women are far more forgiving than men in the looks department - we simply aren't as pre-occupied with looks (be it body or face) as men are - the shallow bunch ;)

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