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Technology over Romance?

TECKYDid you know that 68% of 25-34 year olds never switch off their mobile phones?  Which means they are probably always connected to work.  This isn't such a good thing for romance in my opinion, in fact it could be becoming the enemy of romance.  You hear about counselling for internet addiction now, and I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about checking emails, social media sites, having conversations via texting.   How sad is that?!  People don't pick up the telephone anymore - not to talk anyway. We will slowly begin to lose touch with how to communicate face to face with each other.  To never turn off mobile phones for a large proportion of youngsters this will inevitably take it's toll on relationships, less conversation, less sex life.  Our parents - who aren't quite as au fait as we are with technology, are having a far better social life than us!  That makes me very sad, what hope is there for the next generation if this trend continues?  Why don't we all take steps today to make us more human and less robotic - instead of texting someone today, dial their number and actually speak to them!  It'll be much more satisfying! Hannah Hunter  

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