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A young, single mother (aged 20), has turned to that lucrative world of porn to support her son - age 5.  As we know, every loving parent will do what they can to provide for their offspring, but to provide and to spoil are completely different adjectives in my mind!  Said mother was living on £80 a week, granted not an awful lot, but managed to buy toys and clothes for her son last Christmas.  He wasn't happy with his toys and clothes - something about keeping up with the Jones's probably, so Mum, who has always idolised Katie Price, heads out into the world of glamour and porn to make sure her son is happy next Christmas.    After earning decent money from making porn films, she was then able to spend £1,500 on her son this year!  The problem that I have here is why does a 5 year old need all that money spent on him/her?  Why are we bringing up our children to believe that it's all about the material things that matter?  Surely it's about experiences in life?  Taking her son on holiday would have been a better way to have spent that £1500, so he could see someone knew, experience a different culture perhaps.  Good on you Mum for sticking to your guns and making good money and ignoring those people judgemental and jealous of you, but I know I would certainly not be a slave to my young child, toy gun and a football would be for my kids - even if I was the most successful porn star in the world! Hannah Hunterspolt

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