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Sperm Zapper!

There’s a new contraceptive coming our way – well, more towards men than us women.It’s about time men played more of a responsible part in the realms of contraception but I’m not entirely sure they could be trusted with taking a pill each day, BUT, there is no pill to take! No no no!It’s about blasting a man’s most vulnerable area with ultrasound!Now, being responsible for contraceptive is one thing for a man to get his head around but being blasted downstairs is a whole different ball game!(excuse the pun..).

No tubes need be cut, no-one need go under the knife, the ultrasonic sperm zapper would be reliable, long-acting, reversible and with few side effects.And for all those men scared of pain, it’s pain free!Only a “gentle feeling of warmth” was experienced.I’m sure there would be plenty of men who would be willing to undertake this minor procedure, one reason being this will enable more and more men who hate using condoms, to take more control over whether they are going to impregnate a woman or not.Who knows but there’s a chance this could quite possibly reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies – in my book this can’t be a bad thing.

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