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The first image that comes to mind when thinking of a sex addict is a dirty old man watching porn in a dimly lit room.  A very outdated image, I agree.  In reality sex addiction seems to be a much more complicated mental disorder affecting all areas of the social demographic. Should we look at sex addiction as the same way we do drug addiction?  Well no-one ever died or got sick from having too much sex, however - as withdrawal from drug addictions can cause depression, irritability, mood swings, insomnia and more - so can withdrawal from sex.  It also seems that shame is a universal feeling amongst all sorts of addicts. I know of someone who uses sex as medication for his depression, he is married and this is a serious issue, obviously affecting his relationship.  Whatever the reason for it, if it's truly a genuine addiction causing a negativity then perhaps it needs to be discussed with a doctor.  You do hear of many people in the public eye who've been unfaithful, then blaming their indiscretions on sex addiction, now this does make me wonder whether it's real with these people or simply an excuse for their infidelities.... Hannah Hunter addict

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