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Secrets of a Woman’s Love Life

WOMENThe sex lives of women are much more adventurous than they used to be, our  relationships with men have doubled from 20 years ago - we now have 8 partners in our lives compared to 4 in the '90s.  We're catching up with men whose average is 12.  We're also getting spicier since we're 4 times more likely to experiment with other women than we were 2 decades ago. We all know that women's status in society has changed and this has had a profound effect on our sex lives. We're not getting married until later in life, therefore it makes sense that we're having more partners.  It's becoming more and more acceptable for us girls to take on more "male" traits, not only in the boardroom but as we can see here - in the bedroom too, all well and good.  However, and this is where things get a little sad, we only have sex 3 times a month with our partners compared to 5 in the '90s, and we can all guess why this is - yes of course, being on call from work 24/7.  Going to bed stroking our ipads and not each other!  This needs to change people!  Get the affection back into our lives! Hannah Hunter

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