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I remember when a robot was a toy you played with - much like my little picture here.   But that admittedly was a few years ago now and robots have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, developing into far more than the mere toy.  Robots are being roped into all areas of our lives, and taking over jobs that humans used to have, but the development of the sex robot (yes that is a robot you can have sex with), is a step too far is it not?  Sex robots are currently on the market in Japan and the USA, and they're not the classic blow up doll you often see being dragged around on a stag do - oh no! These are sophisticated life-like pieces of kit with some speech recognition and are on sale for nearly £7000.   For that money you can choose your preferred skin tone, face shape, hair colour etc, but what if these robots fall into young hands and teens lose their virginity to a robot?!  It's actually quite feasible!  "So Hannah, do you remember your first time?"  "Oh I couldn't forget my first time with Rocky the sex robot."!  I mean what does this say for society?  People are already losing the art of communication because of devices such as phones and laptops, but replacing human contact with robot contact would just be very very sad.  Agreed that robots have their place in our modern world but let's keep them out of our sex lives - PLEASE! Hannah Hunter robot

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