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INVEver known a woman to be asked if she was a virgin in a job interview?  It's not one of the first things us girls think about when filling out a job application form, and certainly wouldn't cross our mind to add whether we were a virgin or not to our CV!  Well, if you're about to apply for a job in the Education department in Sao Paolo in Brazil, be prepared for this very question!  Virginity tests, pap smears and doctor's certificates to show that you are cancer free and healthy down there are all part of the recruitment process if you want to work in Education! Even more shockingly, until recently it was also necessary to undergo a colposcopy (gents - look this up), to detect any STIs, talk about a vile invasion of privacy and violation of human dignity! Getting tested for cancers and STIs is of course an incredibly important side of personal health, however, it is down to the individual to do this and to either share this information or keep it to themselves - their decision, not their employers! Education is probably crying out for decent teachers in Sao Paolo - why diminish interest by practising this ridiculous policy?  This needs to change! Hannah Hunter

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