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“Pregnant By Dwarf Stripper!”

dwarfThis is the sort of headline you couldn't make up, but this is far from made up!  What actually happened was a Spanish bride-to-be was "entertained" by a stripper -as a surprise organised by her Hens, and then it seems that she decided to "entertain" him!  It's usually said of grooms on Stag dos that what goes on tour stays on tour, but this time the naughty gallivanting came from the Hen party!  Well, if the men can take their dirty little Stag do secrets to the grave, why can't we ladies?  Well, this is why in this particular case...nine months later a baby was born to the now married couple;  ahh how lovely!  A newly wed couple giving birth to their first child -they must have been thrilled!  Well, there was a little problem when their son arrived - he was born with dwarfism!  There was no way out!  No escaping telling her husband that she'd cheated on him with an adult entertainer who happened to be a dwarf! That poor father - what complete love and bliss and hope and then what total devastation all in the matter of minutes I'd imagine!  She really was so Dopey to have done this... at least the Dwarf was Happy but the husband must be very Grumpy indeed.... Hannah Hunter  

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