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Orgasmic Moments

The female orgasm.  For some they are easily cum by (cheap joke-sorry), for others they are highly elusive, but for other women - well let's just say their orgasmic moments haven't occurred during an appropriate time, and by that I mean during sex!  Some women's experience of orgasms have been quite bizarre and unexpected, and some downright embarrassing!  One student had a big crush on her tutor and was fantasising hard about him during a lecture and she went and had an orgasm - and by all accounts it wasn't quiet!  Another girl was at a fun fair and it happened during a sling shot ride where you are catapulted in to the air - at least a fun fair is an appropriate place to let out a scream...  Another girl experienced an orgasm while riding a horse (I can completely understand that one).  Now church camp is not the time or the place to have an orgasm!  But it happened to one girl who was taking part in a high ropes activity that required her to wear a harness.  It occurred 40 foot up in the air while the pastor was trying to reassure her from the ground who thought she was freaking out because she was scared of heights!  Oh the shame!  Other unexpected orgasms have occurred at the gym, during a yoga session, on a packed tube  and even while sneezing!  If this happens to you ladies, the only thing to do is to embrace it I say! Hannah Hunterinaporg

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