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I have some good news, and I have some bad news. Depending on what sex you are.  A study has found that women over the age of 57 were half as likely to develop high blood pressure if they had loving, satisfying and energetic sex at least once a week.  Hormones and the pure joy of being in love are thought to be the reason behind the boost to the health of the fairer sex.    I'm sorry to say to the men out there that at age 57 and over, you are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack if you have sex at least once a week.  The reason behind the unfortunate effect on a man's health is said to be because men put themselves under more pressure and strain as they try to have sex.  I must admit, I've read a few stories of men suffering a heart attack whilst on the job!  Unfair?  Well, I'm sure you men would say yes, but when you compare it to what women have to go through - periods, child birth, menopause it kind of evens things out a bit!  But what are pensioner women to do if pensioner men are abstaining from sex? Well - I'm sure this news will be the making of a few more cougars! Hannah Hunter pensioner

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