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No Sex Love

nonoIs it possible that giving up sex can improve your love life?  I wonder... According to fans of Karezza - a strictly hands off approach to lovemaking brings about feelings of closeness and unity that can often be lost in the confines of a relationship.  So what, you ask, does this sex free love involve?  Sounds a bit tantric sex 'lite' if you ask me, no intercourse or orgasms, rocking each others' heads (um...?!?).  Holding each other for long periods of time, massaging, caressing, stroking - you get the picture, intending to comfort rather than gratify.  It does sound rather sweet but generally speaking isn't it the sex that goes amiss from a long, tired relationship?  Sex to me is such a huge part of a relationship, but even if you find it a bit of a hassle to make the effort to have sex (even I have felt that way from time to time!), don't you think when you're basking in that wonderful, post coital, sexy afterglow it makes you wonder why you ever thought sex was a hassle?  My conclusion - make an effort for sex, it pays off in both the comforting AND gratifying departments which is a jolly good result in my book.

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