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Lap dancing lacking in London

There is soon to be a decline in the number of lap dancing clubs around London under new licensing rules.This makes no sense to me since these clubs seem to have gone from strength to strength but I’m not the ones who makes these decisions.Critics think of these clubs as bringing crime to an area and being seedy – having been to strip clubs I would beg to differ but views on this subject is just a question of personality types and morals. These clubs used to be in less than salubrious pubs, visited by dirty old men but in recent years they have grown to be respectfully called Gentlemen’s Clubs and often come equipped with expensive champagne and VIP areas, frequented by City Boys and Premiere League Footballers. The emergence of lap dancing clubs coincided with the popularisation of pole dancing and burlesque classes which all grew as a socially acceptable form of entertainment.Perhaps this is why more and more women are visiting strip clubs, is this intrigue?A growth in feminism? Women want equality with men?Well it’s horses for courses and I’m a little disappointed people are trying to bring them to their knees as these are licensed clubs, bringing pleasure to men and helping a lot of women earn a huge heap of cash!

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