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Lap dance Lecture!

A lap dancing lecture would surely be every teenage boy's (wet) dream, well this dream came true for several German students recently!  In Germany adult students are treated the way in which they should be - like adults, and they are given the opportunity to organise their own classroom graduation parties.   One class of students really pushed their luck with their choice of graduation party, they decided to invite a stripper along under the pretence she was there to talk about equal rights!  She turned up fully clothed wearing a suit and blazer, no-one was going to bat an eyelid!  However, it soon became clear as to what the students were up to, when the sexy blonde started taking off her clothes, straddling the students while rubbing her boobs in their faces, and several students had the time of their lives I'd imagine!  Teachers seemed to play it pretty cool by letting the frivolities continue - they were at least all adults and no minors were in the room, so no harm done.   You've got to give organisers their kudos - they were certainly showing entrepreneurial skills in abundance and this should most definitely be nurtured!  I can't help but think this same thing would not be tolerated in this country, the flour and water fight that we had on the last day at my school was well and truly nipped in the bud! Hannah Hunter lap

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