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If Music Be The Food Of Love….

Play said William Shakespeare.  And who are we to argue with the great playwright?  We all know that certain foods can be an aphrodisiac, but music and sex can also be inextricably linked.  Music can make one very nostalgic, reminding you of the past, bygone eras, past loves, and can flood the brain with dopamine.  We experience a rush of dopamine when we have sex too so music can put our body in the mood for love!  Going by a survey 55% think music improves their sex life.   Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On has been voted the sexiest song, so if things are going sour in the bedroom why not try a little bit of Marv?!  However, if Marvin's a little on the cheesy side for you, but you still want to feel as horny as you did in your rampant student days, then try popping on a track from the back in the day and see where that leads you; if it works like they say it will then you should be as rampant as ever!  However, do not go near any high pitched pop, this can apparently put you off sex, so steer clear of any Justin Bieber albums! Hannah Hunter musiclove

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