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How do you like your Sushi……….

I don't know if you have ever seen pictures of some of the restaurants in Japan, with business men eating their Sushi off the naked body of a beautiful girl.  Well some bright spark has decided to bring this to the UK, hopefully still only offering Sushi - can you imagine if you tried using our national dishes - fish and chips and shepherds pie just would not look so good!  Anyway for the princely sum of £250 per head approx you will soon be able to eat a meal from the body of a beautiful girl.  But what about us girls?  Does it work in the reverse, I am trying to imagine it.  Even if the boy was beautiful, aren't men's bodies just a bit more...well...hairy, sweaty, testosterony.....  I'm not conjuring up good pictures now am I? I have had a bit of a '9 1/2 weeks' moment myself on occasion and it's such fun.  An old boyfriend even arranged cherries on my naked body, so he could take pictures.  But the thought of sitting around in a restaurant with a naked guy lying there covered in food and not saying a word just gives me a fit of the giggles.... Can you imagine a group of hens - it would be chaos.  So not something I will be subscribing to any time soon, I'll keep that one for behind closed kitchen doors ; ) Back soon K xx

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