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Horsing Around

horse1We've all had a rebound fling but ever thought of having a rebound fling with!  NO!!! Of course not!  Totally unthinkable and absolutely disgusting! How dare you even suggest it!  Retorts I'd expect from every person I'd pose that question to.  However, it did cross the mind of one Texan man recently, and this was premeditated too.  Once he was arrested, he told police that if his girlfriend didn't call he was going next door to "mess" with their horse.  And he disturbingly followed through on that decision. So let's get this straight - a man's girlfriend stands him up so he has sex with next door's horse, saying he wanted to impregnate the beast with a "man horse baby" - someone tell this man that centaurs only exist in Greek mythology. The mind boggles and the stomach churns.  He got four months in jail - it wasn't furlong (sorry about that!) .

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