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He shoots she scores!

Football and sex fans beware! Euro 2012 is upon us and could bring about lots of fun and games but perhaps not so much fun after the England fans come home.  "What is she talking about?" I hear you say. Ukrainian hookers are hoping to cash in at Euro 2012 - football and sex is alot of men's dreams, especially if the right side wins but hey a commiseration bonk might well be in order too and there will be plenty of prostitutes who will be happy to oblige!  Good times all round one might say but some of these girls are hiding the fact they have HIV from their clients. It's a tricky subject - but is it morally wrong to with hold this sort of information?  I don't know whether it is or not.  But I don't ask each new dentist or doctor I visit whether they are HIV positive or not but you'd expect and trust a professional (in whatever field of work) to minimise the risk of infection such as wearing gloves in the case of a dentist  - responsible prostitutes ask their clients to wear condoms to minimise their risks too - in my eyes there's no difference. I'm sure there will be people who say that men who sleep with prostitutes get what they deserve as paying for sex in some eyes can seem so dirty but I wonder how many of those people have ever had a one night stand with a random without using a condom - now that's far more dangerous and irresponsible.

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