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Happy Endings in the Office

Now if I was told that a quarter of all office flings lead to marriage I'm not sure I would believe it - sounds an awfully high statistic don't you think?   You do hear about a fair amount of people who met their longterm partners but you don't often see it actually going on in the office.  A third who date a colleague keep it secret so there must be a lot of naughty stuff going on behind stationery cupboard doors - how exciting! 1 in 10 however, said having an office fling had a negative impact on their work.  Well of course it would - you're going to be spending much of your time preening yourself in front of the toilet mirror making sure you look perfect for each and every time you walk past your lover's desk in the highest of stilettos, with a perfected wiggle of the hips!  I'm assuming this doesn't affect the men so much.  All your energy will most definitely NOT be focused on your work that's for sure!  Getting up that 30 mins earlier to sort out the right clothes, make up, shoes - must be completely exhausting! Is it all worth it? Well for those who end up happily married then of course it is.  You spend 8 hours a day at the office so it's a great way to meet people - so having written this I have changed my mind and actually think 1 in 4 is quite a low statistic now, why not more?! Hannah Hunter office

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