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promisCan't keep it in your jeans?  Well, then it could all be down to your genes!  Yup, that's right - all you randy men and women out there have your genes to blame/thank for your said randy behaviour.   Social factors such as peer pressure and upbringing have long been thought to be the main influence on a person's sex life - and yes this is of course a factor, but new research has identified genes which are linked directly to our sexual behaviour, one was linked with risk-taking personalities and early sexual behaviour - meaning that the age you lose your virginity will be partly down to what your parents passed down to you in your genes. You do meet people in life who are innately sexual - the way they talk, listen, move - you just know that they have sex on the brain, and it's women just as much as men.  And sometimes when you meet family members of these people you can most definitely see where they get their let's say "flirty" nature from! Hannah Hunter

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