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Flirting with pheromones

Is our attraction to others just based on looks?  I remember once hearing about an experiment where 10 girls wore a t-shirt for 2 days, day and night and did not wear any deodorant or perfume during that time (phew).  They were allowed to shower using un-perfumed products, but then had to put the same t-shirt back on.  At the end of this period the t-shirts were put in large individual jars with the lid screwed on.  These jars were numbered from 1-10 and then given to 10 men to test.  The men had to open the jar, sniff and replace the lid.  They then had to put the jars in order from 1-10 going on whether they liked or disliked the smell.  1 being no smell or pleasant, 10 being dislike the smell.  The men were then shown photos of the 10 girls and asked to rate them on how attractive they found them.  Again from 1-10.  The 20 individuals then met and again the men were asked to rate the girls having chatted to them briefly.  Now bear in mind that the men did not know which t-shirt belonged to which girl.  The results of the test were amazing, going on the face to face meet and the sniff test, the men mostly picked the girl whose smell they had also picked.  BUT these results did not match the photograph test, showing that ironically – what our eyes see is not necessarily what is right for us……  Tell me your experiences – personally I have found smell (or rather lack of it, let’s face it we find good smells innocuous and bad ones odious) a big dictator in who I’m attracted to.

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