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Doing it for Denmark!

DENMARKGo to Paris and do it for Denmark!  A campaign which has been bought about by Denmark's decreasing population is suggesting that going on holiday helps to boost the libido therefore will help with Denmark's flagging birth rate.  Get away from it all, relax, have sex, this is the message the amusing video campaign is giving out! On the video a therapist tells us that 10percent of Danish babies are conceived while couples are on holiday - going on holiday releases endorphines in the brain and this creates a desire for sex. Denmark's birth rate is at a 27 year low, which could potentially lead to a pretty dire situation, so there is serious thinking behind this campaign too, Dane's apparently have 46% more sex on holiday compared to their every day life, so again, a good point to promote going on holiday.  Now, this isn't actually a government campaign - oh no.   The brains behind this was a travel agency!  Of course it was - it all makes sense now!  Spies Travel are offering an ovulation discount, they are also offering 3 year's supply of baby stuff and a child-friendly holiday if you can prove you conceived abroad.  How very clever and I wish Spies Travel all the very best!

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