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Have you ever noticed that classical statues of men always have tiny penises?  Yes, of course you have, it's impossible not to notice!  Take Michelangelo's the statue of David in Florence's Piazza Della Signoria, it stands at a whopping 17 foot tall but let's face it, the eye is immediately drawn to his tiny appendage!  For someone who had slain the giant Goliath you'd have thought they might have given him something larger, something a little more well, manly!  There is however an explanation for this; firstly the penises are always flaccid so when compared to real penises there isn't really that much difference, and secondly larger penises were associated with foolishness, lust and ugliness in those days, yup that's right, even though the larger penis is considered more valuable and manly these days, smaller penises were considered to be the better ones back then.   There are in fact statues from Greek history where the penis is large, however these are only given to animal-like or foolish, lustful  men.  I must admit though, I do wonder whether David might have been a grower...   Hannah Hunter david

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