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Carry On Vicar!

CHURCHOr should this read "Porn IN my church"?!  This really is quite hilarious!  Something straight out of a Carry On film.  So, a vicar was giving his sermon in his church and was using PowerPoint to deliver it, and during the presentation, ooops, up popped an image of a naked woman!  Oh dear, what an embarrassing situation for all involved!  Bet there were plenty of flushed faces!  The vicar passed this off as a "technical hitch" - of course he did, but he would have had to have that image on his laptop to start with for it to show up in his presentation, I'm such a Sherlock.  A vicar who looks at images of naked women, or even, perhaps watches porn!  So what!  He's married with kids, so he's had sex, he's a red blooded male, and nothing wrong with looking at a bit of something to, ahem, sexually stimulate you is there?!  I'm sure there would have been a few people in the congregation who looked at this "technical hitch" as a treat of a lifetime!

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