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We all love a BYOB restaurant (bring your own booze), but I shouldn't think many people would be too keen on a BYOS.  Not strictly a restaurant, but it's a cooking class, and the "S" stands for "semen", and yes I am being deadly serious.  Perhaps you're feeling a little disgusted, appalled, sick?! You might find this idea hard to swallow (hehe) but if you think about what we do already eat, it's not actually too far-fetched.   People have been drinking their urine and eating after birth for health benefits for years, and when you think about where an egg comes from, it isn't particularly appealing so why is adding a teaspoon of semen in to your Sunday roasts gravy so abhorrent?!  Food can be extremely sexy - depending on what you eat and the way you eat it, so sharing a sponge cake with your partner, made with his semen can surely be sexy.  Well, I loved a sponge cake but I love it the way Granny made it - eggs, sugar, butter, flour, cream and jam, nothing more nothing less.  But if I try really hard I can kind of get my head around the appeal of this BYOS.  I won't be partaking myself but I must say that I'd love to be a fly on the wall in one of those classes! Hannah Hunter vicsponge

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