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Buying Lingerie Well gentlemen, it's that time of year again when  many of you who have managed to avoid shopping the rest of the year have to bite the bullet and face up to your fears, one of which is the lingerie shop! OK, let's make it easier for you this year by giving you a guide to buying lingerie for your loved one. Firstly, find out her size. The main complaint about men buying lingerie is that you don't buy the right size. There is no reason not to know her size, even you have to employ detective skills to find out! Check her bra and knicker sizes by actually reading what's written on the labels. Her bra is likely to have a size which is 34C or 36B or 34D or 38 DD etc etc, you should be getting the picture by now... Likewise her knickers, again the label should take away the mystery, probably saying 10, 12, 14 etc or small, medium or large. Talking of knickers, does she wear briefs, thongs, French knickers, strings - you should know the answer to this one! Now you've got two choices here, you could go online to get an idea of what you'd like to see her in: is a fantastic site which stocks most of the major high street brands. If you and yours are a little more saucy, then why not check out (you could buy yourselves some extra treats here). Or why not do some research on the net and then head off to the lingerie store. Just remember guys, that sexy doesn't have to be obvious and that quite often the ladies in your life might not want crotchless red nylon underwear! A lingerie shop I personally adore is Agent Provocateur, there are several shops in London and in major cities, or you could go online again to So gentlemen, just remember one thing when buying her lingerie - size DOES matter!

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