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Noisy Neighbour

April 16th, 2014

STALLIONThis story involves an Italian Stallion who had sex with women rather too loudly; it couldn’t be more stereotypical if it tried!  Italian men do indeed have a rep for being “studs” or “stallions” or in a fair amount of cases “slimeballs” too.  I’d imagine that fellow Italians would be fairly understanding of the man in question’s sexual desires – almost high fiving him for his apparent sexual prowess; but no!  Neighbours complained the sexpert “terrorised” them with his lengthy sex sessions, and was taken to court over it.   Now, living in London, and in close proximity to my neighbours, I have, on many occasions heard the love-making of my friendly neighbours, but I would be far too embarassed to complain, also I woudn’t want to be a killjoy – make love not war, hey?

The defendant told the court that he was being wrongly punished for just “being too good at sex”.  HAHA!  I would have LOVED to have been sitting in that jury!   But the poor lad was sent down for 6 months – how mean!  If his neighbours thought he was being noisy before his prison sentence, can you imagine the noises that will be occuring when he gets out?!

Hannah Hunter

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Bee Careful Boys!

April 8th, 2014

BEEA man has recently allowed, actually encouraged a bee to sting him.  Odd hey?  But not just on his hand or arm or leg, ohhhh no,  on his penis!  This then turned into a bit of a foray into the pain barrier – via plenty more bee stings, to see which part of the body hurt the most!  This could sound very much like a weird kinky sexual arousal thing, but  apparently it all came about while Michael, a postgraduate studying bee behaviour, had a bee inadvertently fly up his trouser leg and stung his testicle.   Then the interest in the pain experiment arose….

During the next five weeks he exposed different parts of his body to the bees, he was stung pretty much all over his body and believe it or not the most painful area he found to be stung on was his nose – and not his penis; because he did let the bee sting him again on his genitals, just to make sure…He was careful to explain that there was no crossing of wires of pleasure and pain in his nether regions – he said it was definitely painful.   Although I do wonder if there was any thinking that he could apply the “bee sting pout” (full, voluptuous lips that us women are always after), to a bee sting penis – hmmmm, now there’s a very silly idea indeed!

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Doing it for Denmark!

April 1st, 2014

DENMARKGo to Paris and do it for Denmark!  A campaign which has been bought about by Denmark’s decreasing population is suggesting that going on holiday helps to boost the libido therefore will help with Denmark’s flagging birth rate.  Get away from it all, relax, have sex, this is the message the amusing video campaign is giving out!

On the video a therapist tells us that 10percent of Danish babies are conceived while couples are on holiday – going on holiday releases endorphines in the brain and this creates a desire for sex.

Denmark’s birth rate is at a 27 year low, which could potentially lead to a pretty dire situation, so there is serious thinking behind this campaign too, Dane’s apparently have 46% more sex on holiday compared to their every day life, so again, a good point to promote going on holiday.  Now, this isn’t actually a government campaign – oh no.   The brains behind this was a travel agency!  Of course it was – it all makes sense now!  Spies Travel are offering an ovulation discount, they are also offering 3 year’s supply of baby stuff and a child-friendly holiday if you can prove you conceived abroad.  How very clever and I wish Spies Travel all the very best!

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Size Matters!

March 25th, 2014

SIZEIt seems that penis size does matter – but to other men moreso thanto women – and I’m not talking about only gay men here.  A study has been carried out with a bunch of male athletes – both gay and straight.   As I’m sure we all know, most men do check out other men’s “boys” when in the locker room, and it turns out that the men with the bigger penises are idolised by their team mates and  that they are seen as more masculine than their less well-endowed fellow athletes.  Some athletes even admitted to giving themselves a semi-erection to make themselves appear better endowed!

However, not only must they have a large willy to be valued as a proper man, they must also be seen to be making use of what God gave them, that’s right, to really be respected by fellow athletes, it’s not enough to simply have a big one, they must be seen to be working it to the max!   These are athletes we’re talking about here – a hugely competitive section of the human race so there is no reason why this competitive streak wouldn’t carry on into the locker rooms – but this is just about men being men really, definitely the more simple of the two sexes  ;0)

Hannah Hunter




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Digital Sex

March 11th, 2014

I watched a new film the other day, it was set in the near future where the main character was having a relationship with his operating system.  Many people were doing the same and it was deemed pretty normal.  They went to the beach together, ate meals, even had sex.  Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it?  Well, actually, not really, especially after hearing about new research which has found that one in three sexual encounters now takes place online, using sexting, video or webcam sex.  Apparently one fifth  prefer digital sex because it’s less embarrassing.    There is without doubt a time and a place for digital sex, to keep long distance relationships alive and for people who are perhaps disabled and cannot get out much, this is indeed a life line.

I have to say I find it extremely sad that this is what the kids and young adults are growing up with and is now deemed to be normal.   We may be in a digital age but surely not in the sexual digital age!  Sex can only happen when two human being are in extremely close proximity to one another – not down a lens.  Call me old fashioned but skin on skin in the way sex should remain!

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E – Spot

March 6th, 2014

DESo we’ve all heard of the G-Spot (although it can be a bit elusive..), but the E-Spot?  Well well well – this is an impressive new machine that claims to help women with orgasmic dysfunction by using electrodes to trigger an orgasm.  All at the push of a button!  However, this cums (tehe!) at quite a painful cost by the sounds of things, the patient remains conscious during the operation while the implant is fitted into the spinal cord.   It’s controlled by a hand held device which dishes out orgasms as and when required.

It can even be programmed to deliver a certain amount of orgasms per day or week.   Apart from the insertion of the device, this all sounds rather fantastic!  I feel for women who cannot reach orgasm for whatever reason – a whole new world will be opened up for them and will help them to feel feminine.  But just imagine the embarrassment if the programming went wrong and got stuck on repeat – oh dear, that really would be one helluva Harry Met Sally moment…

Hannah Hunter

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Buttock Enlargement

March 3rd, 2014

BUMS“Curvy is the new sexy!”  Oh what music to my ears – and to the ears of other curvy girls, I bet!  Curvy Kim Kardashian fever has heped fuel a 58% increase in buttock enhancements.  The demand for it is so much more now that 11% more surgeons in the US have been offering it as a service.

So how is a buttock enlargement carried out I hear you ask…well, like this – fat is taken from unwanted areas of the body (which ironically many people think this area is their bum), and is simply popped into their buttocks – et voila!  You have yourself an ample buttock!

People wanting to emulate stars such as Kim could really start to create a change in the ideal body mentality.  I’m not talking let’s all get our bums done like the lady in the picture here who seems to have a little too much junk in her trunk, but maybe we can start to drop the idea that the anorexic-style models are a healthy picture of women and start being more realistic about women’s bodies. We are after all the child-bearing sex, therefore meant to have hips.   As long as a women is healthy and happy about her body, it doesn’t really matter what shape she is – surely?

Hannah Hunter

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