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For the Treat of a Lifetime 

Cum in face escorts are an elite brand of women that are open to directly experiencing the pleasure you feel. These ladies love pleasing men, and witnessing the results of their magic gives them a feeling of satisfaction. 

OK, it’s not for everyone - but if you’re lucky enough to find a lady who will indulge you in a CIF experience, make every single moment count. 

Cherry Girls is the go-to directory for all of your deepest desires. We advertise sexy ladies and have an enviable selection of agencies. You don’t need to settle for second best with us; there’s something for everyone here. 

What is a CIF escort?

As a highly intimate act, many women aren’t comfortable with their lover cumming in their face - but some enjoy the experience. For these women, experiencing the fruits of their labour is well worth it—and very empowering. 

Whether it’s after intercourse or a treat while pleasuring you, CIF escorts love the give-and-share nature of the experience. 

Are CIF ladies adult entertainers?

The common belief is that women who are willing to offer this service are adult entertainers and have experience in the porn industry. Sure, some of them do, but women from all backgrounds might enjoy the experience. 

Your CIF escort could come from an academic background or be a young party girl. The opportunities are endless. 

Do all escorts offer this experience?

No. It’s very much a matter of personal preference, and just because a lady says she’s comfortable with CIF services, it doesn’t mean she’ll offer them. Remember, when you book an escort, you’re paying for time only, and anything that does happen is between two adults. 

However, if a lady advertises CIF on her profile, you might get lucky. 

Finding an escort who will cater to your fantasy

Finding an escort who will happily let you cum in her face might seem like an uphill struggle - but you can improve your chances by knowing which ladies are open to the idea. With some, it’s a straight-up no - but others might be willing to give you a treat. 

Younger ladies 

The former taboos of sex are highly associated with older people, with younger ladies being more likely to experiment. If you want an experience like no other, a younger escort might be willing to indulge your fantasies. 

She’s probably less experienced, but that also means your younger escort could approach the date with an open mind. Bear in mind when we say young, we mean 18+. No underage independent escorts or agencies appear in our directory ever

Liberated lovelies 

We all know that some countries are more liberal than others, and women from these locations are likelier to experiment. For example, Scandinavian women have the highest libidos, closely followed by Italian, Portuguese and Spanish ladies (City Magazine). 

While this doesn’t necessarily mean these ladies will be willing to offer a CIF experience, choosing someone with a lively libido might mean you get a treat. 

Regular dates 

A natural rapport develops when you spend time with the same escort frequently. As you become more comfortable with one another, your escort might remove some boundaries and enter into mutually consensual experiences. 

Just because a lady isn’t willing to let you cum in her face initially doesn’t mean she won’t in the future. Or, she might gradually work up to your ultimate fantasy, allowing you to release pleasure on other areas of her body. 

Booking a CIF escort with Cherry Girls 

As a directory, Cherry Girls doesn’t personally offer any escort services. Instead, we provide an expansive platform for escort agencies and independent ladies to offer services. For this reason, you’ll need to follow our booking process and understand that you’re paying for time only. 

Browse the directory

Whether you want to find your new go-to agency or love spending time with beautiful women from all backgrounds, our directory has an unrivalled selection of beauties. Just search through the profiles and find someone who lists CIF as a service. 

Follow the booking instructions 

Agencies usually ask clients to book through them, while independent escorts list their details on their profiles. All you need to do is get in touch and book the service. You can also ask the independent escort if she might be willing to offer a CIF service. 

Choosing the location of your date 

Most escorts are open to outcall bookings, which means you meet in a public place or she comes to your hotel room. Some will also open their apartment for incall bookings, giving you more privacy. 

Remember to choose a place that suits you both and ensure the escort is happy with the meeting point. 

Get ready for your date 

Now, it’s time to prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Remember, there are no guarantees when meeting an escort, so don’t ask for a CIF experience. However, if you show her a good time and look great, she might decide you deserve an irresistible treat. 

You might be lucky enough to receive a CIF experience on your first date—it may take a few meetings. 

We can guarantee one thing, though; if she does let you cum in her face, the wait will be well worth it.
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