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Bi Duo Show Girls 

For the experience of a lifetime 

What’s better than one sexy escort? Two. What’s better than two stunning escorts? A unique show tailored to your specific needs. These ladies love performing for discerning clients and take you to a world of unbridled possibilities. 

Whether it’s dancing, conversation or anything else, bi-duo show girls have one mission: to give you the time of your life. So, stop thinking about what their company might be like and find out for yourself. 

Authentically bisexual showgirls 

We know how frustrating it is when you book a bisexual escort and realise she’s anything but. The women on our website who advertise themselves as enjoying the company of both sexes are authentically bisexual. 

These ladies love the company of the fairer sex and will invite you into a world of possibilities where you’re the director, and they’re dedicated performers. 

The masculine features of men excite bisexual escorts, but they’re also infatuated with their own sex and will make perfect companions for an evening of exploration. 

Indulgence and exploration guaranteed 

Imagine opening the door to two sexy ladies who will take your breath away. That’s what you get with a bi-duo experience. If you’ve ever wanted to sample the delights of two women, these escorts will satisfy your curiosity without leaving any emotional baggage. 

Seductive delights 

The art of seduction is something many people try to learn, but few get it right. Escorts, however, are experts in knowing what men want and will always impress during dates. Subtle flirting, intellectual conversation and teasing humour just come naturally to them. 

From the moment you enter the door to when they leave, your two escorts will keep you on your toes, testing your reserve and helping you break free of any boundaries. 

Hidden talents 

Many bi-duo show girls have hidden talents, and they can’t wait for you to discover them. Some are highly educated and masters of intellectual conversation, while others have experience with modelling. 

You might also find talented dancers who will wow you with their bodies and tantalise your senses with sexy moves that bring you to your knees. 

Sit back and relax 

Showgirls make their primary purpose your entertainment, and they will always go out of their way to give you a performance to remember. Whether dancing or exploring each other’s bodies, you can take the director’s chair or participate in the action. 

Imagine being able to get a front-row seat to an orgasmic experience, with no screen to separate you from two spell-binding ladies, and you’ll know why these bookings are so popular. 

Perfect for couples 

The great thing about bisexual escorts is they’re open to both men and women. While some ladies advertise themselves as bisexual, it quickly becomes clear they’re not during bookings. With Cherry Girls, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Couples looking to put the spark back into their relationship can enjoy an intimate show where everyone’s involved. Whether you choose your favourite escort or let them ignite your senses and spark up your loins, bi-duo showgirls are always ready to perform. 

The most exquisite collection of sexy escorts 

As a directory and not an agency, Cherry Girls advertises independent escorts and agencies throughout London. Our unique offering allows clients to choose between a range of beautiful ladies, all waiting for bookings. 

Latin lovelies 

Fiery, never too shy to share their opinion and always ready to party, Latinas are popular for a reason. Imagine women who could rival the looks of Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara and Shakira with equally sexy bodies where curves never seem to end. 

If you like a woman who’s not afraid to take charge and will push your limits, Latinas are a great choice. 

British babes


Prefer to keep things closer to home? A British bombshell will put you at ease while also helping you experience the finer things in life. With no language barrier, you can create an epic performance to remember. 

Whether dancing, massages or anything else that takes your fancy, you’ll always feel at home with two British women. 

Amazing Asians 

Asian women are renowned for their demurity and are especially attracted to discerning gentlemen who know how to show them a good time. With their clear complexions and pretty faces, you’ll rarely find Asian ladies covered in makeup. 

Instead, they keep it natural, showcasing their beauty for all to see. Whether you choose one amazing Asian or two, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. 

Exciting Eastern Europeans 

Strong personalities and beauty you’d usually only see in a Disney movie are what make Eastern European ladies so unique. With their striking features and quick wit, these ladies are strong-willed while retaining a degree of demurity. 

They also make perfect showgirls and will reward your generosity with a performance to remember. 

Book a show to remember with Cherry Girls 

Booking with Cherry Girls gives you absolute convenience and a selection of beautiful ladies to choose between. Traditional agencies have limited options, but our directory is the go-to place to release your deepest fantasies. 

Incall or outcall bookings

You can also choose between incall or outcall bookings, with outcalls being more common. With an outcall, you meet your chosen ladies in a public place, or they’ll come to your hotel room, while incalls allow you to visit the escort’s apartment. 

Browse our directory and see which bi-duo showgirls are willing to offer incall bookings. 

Remember your responsibilities 

Cherry Girls is a directory, and our main purpose is to let reputable agencies and independent escorts advertise with us. Anything that happens on your date is between you and the ladies because you’re paying for time only. 

Your chosen escorts have the right to refuse any requests. Understanding this before booking ensures you have a great time and respect the ladies.
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