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Retro, kinky and still incredibly sought-after, the 69 is one of those sexual positions that never goes out of style. If you're lucky enough to find someone willing to indulge, the experience can be mutually gratifying—but what if you've had no such luck? 

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Now, we need to clarify that just because an escort says she's willing to indulge in some 69 fun doesn't necessarily mean you'll receive that service. However, who knows what will happen if you show her a good time? 

Cherry Girls is the go-to directory for sexy escorts 

Cherry Girls is London's expansive directory that features London's most beautiful independent escorts and agencies. Our website is full of women who will dazzle you with their figures, intelligence and flirty natures. 

Instead of having limited choices, you'll notice there's something for everyone with Cherry Girls. With a seamless booking process and plenty of women available for incall and outcall sessions, you'll never be bored again. 


As a directory, our sole purpose is to help escort agencies and independent ladies advertise their services on our website. When you book an escort, you're paying for time only. There's no guarantee that anything will happen, as this is her decision. 

The joys of the 69 

The 69 is a more complex yet highly desirable position. It involves two people giving one another oral pleasure at the same time, which often involves lying on your side or with one person on top. 

The position gets its name because the intertwined bodies resemble the number 69. There are numerous variations to explore, including: 

  • Classic: The OG of the 69 position involves the heavier person on the bottom, while the other goes on top and uses their elbows, knees and hands to support their weight. 
  • Inverted: Instead of the larger person being on the bottom, they get on top with an inverted 69, which can help with positioning and movement. 
  • Sideways: Most people prefer the sideways version because there's no need for balance. 
  • Squatting: The squatting 69 isn't exactly a favourite position, partly due to its complexity. However, this position can be ideal if you want to incorporate anal play. 
  • Standing: Now, for extreme acrobatics, this position involves one person standing and picking the other person up, then holding them upside down. You get why the standing 69 is usually reserved for porn videos only. 

Of course, there are other ways to try the 69, including experimenting with penetration and sex toys, but it depends on what works for you. 

How to book an escort with Cherry Girls 

Booking an escort through our directory is a simple process. So, let's take you through it now: 

  • Step One: View the website and decide whether you want an escort agency or an independent lady. While agencies are suitable for newcomers, there's more flexibility with independent escorts. 
  • Step Two: Each escort will have details regarding her services and whether incall visits are possible on the website. Review these before making your choice. 
  • Step Three: Once you're happy with your choice, follow the booking instructions and prepare to meet your escort. 


  • You're paying for time only and nothing else. Anything that happens is between two consenting adults. 
  • Don't go into the date expecting anything other than spending time with a beautiful lady. Most importantly, treat her with respect. 
  • Some escorts might be willing to explore with you immediately, while others prefer to get to know you. 
  • Make a great first impression because it shows you're respectful, and your escort will appreciate it.
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