Cherry Girls


Early last month, I heard from the first client

Early last month, I heard from the first client I went out with when I moved from an agency to being an independent escort.  He'll always be important to me because he built up my courage; I knew I was doing the right thing by striking out on my own, but I had some lingering doubts that evaporated when he found me on the Cherry Girls website and gave me a call. 

Roger is a busy London guy who has a couple of ex-wives and is determined not to have another.  To avoid that possibility, he cuts off relationships before they get serious and between girlfriends, he frequents the local escorts.  I consider him a friend and was excited when he called to see if I wanted to take in a show.  We made a date for an early dinner, followed by 'The Producers', and then a return to his flat for a nightcap and more.

One thing I had learned about Roger was that he didn't care much for slow stripping -- in private he'd want me down to skin as quickly as possible -- so I chose a simple pink satin brassiere and panty set.  I slipped a form-fitting cashmere dress over my curves, added a gold chain, and picked out tights and simple pumps that wouldn't prevent me from walking a few blocks.   With a cape trimmed with faux fur for warmth, I looked every bit the trophy wife; a little too much, in fact, so I left my long brown hair loose and added smoky eye shadow.  There!  Now I looked like a trophy wife with more exciting happenings in her private life than tennis games and antique hunting, and with an extremely satisfied husband.

We met at Belgo Centraal for dinner; Roger was a nut about Belgian beer and we had shared a few evenings at Belgo in the past.  He looked great in a grey turtleneck and jacket over black pants and gleaming boots.  The little hair that remained on his head was a platinum colour that made his blue eyes sparkle.  He was a handsome man with an elegant build, lean but surprisingly strongn, with a way of moving that made everyone else appear to be in slow motion.  We kissed hello and went to the table.

As we tucked into our meals, I asked, 'What's the story this time, sweetie'  I haven't seen you in months.'

'Well, I was seeing this woman.  Lovely girl, really, quite sexy, but her daydreams involved nappies and prams.  I told her from the beginning that I wasn't interested in that, but you know how it is: she thought she could change me.'  He sighed and stabbed a mussel with his fork.  'Things would be easier if I was happy with one-night stands, but I'm what they call a serial monogamist.  I like dating.  It's easier.  I meet women who tell me they're fine with a casual relationship that doesn't lead to living together, marriage, or children, and then I find them suggesting that 'we' buy a new sofa or that 'we' repaint my bedroom.  No, no, no.  I've seen those first symptoms develop into full-blown cohabitation fever in a matter of days.'

'Yikes!  Sorry that this one didn't last longer, though.  Any new possibilities on the horizon''

'Not yet.  Are you still dating the same fellow''

I finished chewing a bite of beer-soaked duck and shook my head.  'Oh no.  His office sent him to Germany a while ago and we just weren't involved enough to try to make that work.  Nice guy and cool with my being an escort, but what can you do''

'So we're both unlucky in love!'  He gave a wry smile.

I smiled back.  'I don't know if I'd go that far, but we've got each other.'

Roger clinked his glass against mine.  'Cheers to that.'

We ate, talked about the Gothic Nightmares show at the Tate and the Danish cartoon controversy, shared some cr'me brul'e, and headed to the theatre.   The show was quite good.  I had already seen it when Nathan Lane and Lee Evans performed the lead roles, so my expectations had been set, but we both laughed ourselves hoarse.  

Afterward, we caught a cab back to Roger's house.  He had eclectic taste and I really loved his home; it was full of things he had picked up on business and holiday trips around the globe -- Turkish carpets, Italian glass, Kenyan carvings, and Chinese paintings.  He always had groovy music, as well, so I wasn't surprised when he pressed 'play' on his stereo and the beats of Afro Celt Sound System came from the speakers.  It suited him.  

We shared half a bottle of excellent red wine, and then I excused myself to use the bathroom.  With a wink to myself in the mirror, I pulled off my clothes and piled them neatly on the tub.  I walked out wearing nothing but jewellery and a smile. 

'Ah!  There's my girl!'  Roger kissed me deeply; his hand cupping my pert rear end, then lifted me and pressed my back to the wall.  I wrapped my legs around him as our tongues entwined.  He carried me to a nearby sofa and dropped me carelessly onto the upholstery.  His clothes were off in a flash (I gave him loud wolf whistle when he dropped his pants) and then he settled next to me with his arm around my shoulders.  'There's that done.  Now what'  Shall we see what's on telly''

I chuckled and said, 'I doubt you'd keep your attention on any programme for long.'

'You're probably right.  Well then.  We could play cards.'

Moving closer and nuzzling his neck, I murmured, 'Mm-hmm, we could,' and tilted my head to suckle his earlobe.  I teased his ear with the tip of my tongue and was delighted to see his body react.  I nibbled from his ear to his shoulder with small bites.  Using my fingernails, I began to trace designs on his smooth chest, working closer to his very sensitive nipples, which I knew from experience were wired directly to his groin.

I dragged a pinky nail across his left nipple and he let out a guttural moan.  With my mouth less than an inch from his right nipple, I flicked it with the tip of my tongue and then pursed my lips to blow a long, warm stream of air over the wet skin.  'So,' I said, exhaling more air onto his hardened flesh with each word, 'it's cards, then''

Roger's only response was another moan.  I giggled and continued teasing every part of his body that I knew would drive him crazy, without going below his waist.  My clothes were the only things that would get off quickly that night.

Finally, he reached his breaking point and, with a roar, Roger got to his feet and pulled me up to join him.  He grabbed my arse and lifted me again, walking a few steps to place me on the edge of his dining table.  After I had taken so much control during foreplay, it was exciting to be swept into a position where I could barely move, but was on display for his pleasure.  With one of my ankles on each of his shoulders, he slipped into me; his slow, deep thrusts making my tits sway.

Roger pulled back after a few minutes and swept me into his arms, carrying me back to the sofa where he sat me on his lap.  I turned to face him, parted my thighs, and slowly slid them outward to lower my body onto his hardness.  Oh, that was nice!  I locked my eyes on his as I began to rock my hips back and forth.  I wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of his shaft like the pommel of a saddle, guiding it straight to the centre of my desire.

The position of my hand, by no coincidence, also ensured that my most sensitive spots were getting attention and my excitement built faster and faster.  Roger pushed me over the edge when he took one of my nipples between his teeth and bit down, not too hard, but sucking and biting persistently.   The sensation rushed through me like lightning and my hips began to thrash as I babbled incoherently.  Roger's voice joined mine before I stopped shuddering.

We stayed joined in that position for a long time as our pulses and breathing returned to normal.  I rested my head on Roger's shoulder and we talked quietly until the drying perspiration on our bodies made us shiver.

'Come to bed with me, my dear'' he invited.

'But of course!'  A few minutes later we were under the covers and I had his strong body wrapped around mine.  As I drifted off, I had two wishes: that he'd find a woman to share his life and bed without wanting much more, and that he'd fit in another date or two with me before he did.

Later in the month, my tolerance for the chill of winter had nearly reached its limit.  My friend Michaela heated things up when she called to ask if I'd be interested in doing a two-girl date.  She had a regular client coming into town ' a diplomat from a sunnier climate ' who could use a tangle of supple limbs and soft skin to keep him warm.  She was spending the weekend in his hotel suite and asked me to join them Saturday for a late dinner and perhaps to spend the night.

Two-girl dates don't come up very often for me.  Not everyone can afford to have a pair of gorgeous women fawning over him, and from what I've been told, it can be addictive.  I don't advertise two-girl dates as a specialty in my profile on the Cherry Girls escort listing website, but I have a couple of good friends like Michaela who know they can call me if they get a request.  She's bisexual, while I'd say I'm professionally bi ' I think women are beautiful and sexy, but I don't really date them unless it's a job.  Outside of a little kissing now and then; it can be such a turn-on to kiss another woman with her soft lips, smooth skin, and silky hair.

This was a private affair.  Paolo ordered a light dinner to be served in his suite and I arrived there shortly after ten.  Michaela was running the show, so I dressed as she requested: a simple black and red dress concealing vintage-inspired Versace lingerie.  My lips and fingernails glistened like rubies and I had my hair down in soft waves.  With my fair skin, it was a Bettie Page look.   Michaela came to the door in 1940s pin-up glamour, soft blonde hair sweeping over one eye and her tall, curvy body draped in a silver gown whose high slit revealed the roundness of her thigh.  She's always a stunning girl, a blue-eyed blonde whose skin keeps a year-round glow, but I had never seen her looking so elegant and I couldn't help noticing the way the fabric poured over her raspberry nipples and bouncing breasts.   She welcomed me in and introduced me to Paolo.   I felt like a present being delivered to an eager child.

He was a man who made the most of his appearance, impeccably groomed and dressed in a perfectly-tailored suit.  Paolo was shorter than either of us and had a well-fed look that spoke of lingering meals with excellent wine; he greeted me with kisses and led me to the sofa.  He sat with a blonde beauty on one side and me on the other, which was the perfect position for us to touch and flirt with him as we talked.

I complemented Paolo on his choice of hotel; the luxurious surroundings wouldn't have suited everyone, but they perfectly complemented his personal style.  'It is the Winter Garden that brings me back.  I think of home when I see it, even when here is snow and rain.  You must stay and have brunch with us there tomorrow.'

'It would be my pleasure.  The palm trees will be a nice break from the cold outside.'  I was pleased at the indication that I met with his approval. He was magnetic; there was something compelling about his presence that must have been a great asset in his career.

Dinner arrived.  It was a very sensuous meal; we fed each other and ate what we could with our fingers.  Seeing Michaela coo into Paolo's ear as we shared dessert was very arousing.  She's so sexy and watching the way she interacted with him was like looking into a mirror at my own behaviour, if not my appearance.  We finished and sipped wine while Paolo regaled us with juicy gossip from the diplomatic ranks.  It felt like a comfortable evening among elegant friends, but there was also an exciting undercurrent of sexual tension as we moved toward the three of us cavorting on Paolo's king-sized bed.

Things sped up when Michaela put on some music and she and I started to dance.  Paolo sprawled in a comfortable chair and watched as we moved together with increasing eroticism in a joint striptease.  Michaela unzipped my dress and tossed it aside.  I did the same with her slinky gown, leaving us both in classic lingerie that somehow felt naughtier than skimpy thongs and demi-bras:  I was in sheer black stockings, a black bustier, and black panties, while Michaela's breasts were bare above saucy silver panties with attached suspenders. 

I fed off the lustful energy of Paolo's hungry eyes as he watched us with his hand inside his trousers.   Michaela and I twisted together, bumping and grinding to Goldfrapp.  Her body was spectacular ' taller and fleshier than mine, but with curves in all the right places.  I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her generous tits and nibbling her shoulder as we danced.  She turned around to tilt my head back for a teasing kiss and then unhooked and dropped my corset.  We kissed and touched, often turning to face Paolo and make sure that he got to see every moment from the best angle.

After two songs, Michaela took my hand and we closed in on Paolo, covering him in our bodies as we moved to the throbbing beat.  The sofa became a knot of flesh from which pieces of clothing were occasionally tossed.  We twined and twisted together; two women doing all we could to please one lucky man.

We relocated to the huge bed and Michaela climbed atop Paolo's leaning tower while I knelt beside her, sucking on her nipples and stroking both their bodies.  Our goal was to give him all the eye candy and physical sensation he could stand, an opulent experience overload.  With a shift of position, I was atop Michaela's voluptuous body as Paolo entered me from behind.  Let's say the thickness of his torso was well-matched by what he had in his pants and I cried out in pleasure at the feeling of fullness.  Being pressed against Michaela's amazing body added to the sensation and I was completely caught up in the experience.  It was truly incredible.

Paolo stood over us as he finished and we girls retreated to the guest bathroom for a quick shower together.  'Having fun'' Michaela asked me as she rubbed my soapy back.

'Oh heavens yes.  A charming man who is also playful in bed'  Yummy.  Not to mention the equipment he brings along!'

She laughed and we rinsed off.  'See why I love when he's in town'  Tell you what: let's wake him up for another round in the morning.'

'I'm in, sister!'  In high spirits and with that to look forward to, we ran back to bed naked and slipped in on either side of Paolo, who had already returned from his own shower.  Sleep came quickly.

I woke a few hours later at the touch of a hand stroking my hip and opened my eyes to look into Michaela's smiling face.  Paolo wasn't awake yet, so Michaela suggested with a tilt of her head what we could do to change that.  I grinned and we both pulled back the sheets and slid down.  We closed in on Paolo like hungry kittens, licking, nibbling, and sucking on him as we vied playfully for prime position.  He woke the first time Michaela took him between her lips and propped himself up on pillows so he could better see what he was feeling.  With one hand full of blonde hair and the other full of brunette, he directed our actions and moved us to better suit his desires.

'Ladies, I think you need to let me have some breakfast too,' he said after a few minutes.  He sat and Michaela and I started to lie down in his place.  'No no!'  He stopped us.  'Like this,' and he demonstrated, on all fours with his plump rear in the air.

We got into position shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to-hip as he knelt behind us, our rounded arses on display.  He used one hand on each already aroused body, probing inside as we squealed in delight.  I turned and kissed Michaela, sucking her tongue with the same rhythm Paolo was using.  It felt so hot that she and I began making out in earnest, moaning like we were in heat, so it was only fair that I felt Paolo mount me and begin to thrust.  He teasingly shifted over to Michaela after a few strokes, leaving me crying out for more.

'Come, treasure.  Help me.  You go under Michaela with your pretty face here,' he gestured between her legs.  I was so horny that I didn't hesitate, but slid beneath her and began caress him as I licked and watched his thick shaft pump in and out.  I felt Michaela's mouth on me and it wasn't long before we were both writhing in climax, joined shortly thereafter by Paolo's triumphant groan. 

We sat at brunch later that morning, smiling with afterglow as we sipped champagne.  'You must join us again sometime, my dear,' Paolo said as he patted my knee.

'Just name the time and I'm there.  I'd never pass up another night like that.'  And I meant it.  I may need to rethink this whole bisexual thing, too ' I adore men, but wow, Michaela was sexy!

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