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“Your Type”

So, we all know that pheromones attract us to others and that certain people attract us with 'their smell', but don't we also have 'a type' that we are attracted to.  I have a friend who is 6 ft 5 and muscular with it.  His last 4 girlfriends have all been tiny brunettes with very petite features.  I don't mean to sound unkind but the sight of them together was sometimes comical, he was almost at least double the size of all of them.  However, we just came to accept that this was his type.   In the same vein, why do some men love girls with huge boobs and other men prefer the almost boyish look.  Girls don't we also have our preferences?  Personally I don't find the 'massive muscles look' a turn on, but love a tall lean frame and yet my best friend wouldn't dream of going out with someone unless they have rippling biceps.  So what determines who we are attracted to and who we want to have sex with? It's also strange that as we get older, our taste doesn't seem to change - I can look at a lean, spiky haired 18yr old and still feel the flutterings............

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