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Fed up with your 9-5 job?  Get that feeling of dread every Sunday evening?  If yes, then I would strongly suggest you are in the wrong job!  We all dream about that job where we are our own boss, where we don't have to answer to anyone and most importantly we get maximum satisfaction from it.  One such job is Sex Toy Tester!   The sex toy industry is still relatively taboo - smut and porn springs to mind for most people when they hear the word dildo or butt plug, and I'm not sure I'd want my parents to know that I own one or two toys, but it's a huge industry and has helped so many people who've had issues with their sex lives.   So like any other product on the market, it needs to be tested.  There are three important areas of the product that need the utmost attention - the quality (these toys can be quite expensive you know!), the noise (Quiet please!  Especially in London where everyone lives on top of one another), and it's got to be waterproof (I won't spell it out).   And of course, it's got to do what it says on the tin!  Being a sex toy tester, like any other job would become second nature at some point I'd imagine, although unlike the majority of jobs you are most definitely mixing business with pleasure and gaining the oodles of job satisfaction I'm sure! Hannah Huntersextoy

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