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Winter Months = Small Penis?

Colds and runny noses are pretty annoying, but what the winter months can do to your manhood is a whole another story!  Ever noticed that your penis size changes with the seasons?  If you have, you're not imagining things - different temperatures can bring on some shrinkage or growth. We've all seen men running out of a cold sea covering their nether regions for fear of showing (or not showing) off a smaller than usual penis, and the same thing can happen - on a more prolonged basis, during the winter when the temperature drops. Not only can the penis reduce in size but erections can be not quite so strong, and you might experience fewer orgasms, this is because the body is programmed to preserve heat and energy in the colder months, so the blood flow to the appendages such as feet, toes, fingers and penis is reduced, and priority is for the blood supply to reach the middle of the body where the vital organs are.  Quite shockingly this means that the shrinkage rate can be up to 50% in length and 30% in girth.  It really is no wonder so many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder! But panic not, as soon as the warmer weather arrives you'll have your mojo back and blood will be pumping to your little friend like nobody's business! Hot temperatures will cause the blood vessels to widen and therefore the penis will swell. No wonder people are so horny in the Summer ... Hannah Hunter  

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