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Why we ‘DO IT’…..

I do love it when there is an article in the press that tells us what, when and why....  Still sometimes they come up with some quite amusing stuff. I recently read a piece about the reasons why we women have sex (isn't it obvious? because we like it).  The reasons listed were; wifely duty, sympathy sex, to stop their partner being unfaithful, to gain sexual experience, to get revenge and to lose weight.... hang on.... what about just because we like it and we can!!!  I do understand that on occasion these reasons may be the driving force behind a good old fashioned session, but surely there are others too.  I've already mentioned my primary reason, but set my mind to thinking of some others.  Monetary gain - I don't just mean in the business sense, but wives and girlfriends are good at using sex to get that new Tiffany bracelet or the holiday they want.  How about boredom - nothing on TV, no new restaurant to try or a power cut - personally I reckon this one should be in the top 10.  Also don't we girls sometimes do it to get our own way in a situation, well nothing like using our feminine wiles to bring them round is there. What ever your reasons for it, it is still one of the best ways to spend your time and hey if it works for you and gets you what you want - go for it. K x

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