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What Turns You On?

Let's cut to the chase shall we?  What is it that people really want in bed? It's really not that simple to get people (the Brits) to talk honestly and openly about their bedroom antics - it's easy to gloss over and have a laugh about experiences, but there's often something bubbling away under the surface - those unspoken desires - but for fear of being looked upon as a pervert or weirdo, they are kept locked away in the depths of the soul. It would just be so exciting if we could all talk about our fantasies!  

The Threesome, probably the most common of fantasies for both men and women.  Men aren't shy when it comes to telling the world about their threesome experiences, it's something they seem to relish & feel proud about - being able to brag they've had sex with 2 women at the same time.  But that's the excitement of it isn't it?! Women are a little more reticent to talk openly about their threesome experiences, unless that is, to tease a man! So what about homoeroticism? Well, men are often all ears when two girls say they've been in a threesome together - you can just see the cogs whirring at high speed in his brain, trying to work out how that would be!  Girl on girl action seems to be a little easier for women to talk about, whereas hetero men are much less open to admitting they'd like a to try a little man on man action, but chat to a straight man about a bit of anal play and he will often admit he loves it..

BDSM - an overlapping abbreviation of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.  It covers a lot of areas, and many, many people are attracted to this type of experience. Why? For many different reasons.  Some have high powered careers where they are the boss, and sometimes they might want to escape that dominant role and become submissive for an hour or two.  Or vice versa. The S&M part of it can often be a stress release, again it's an escape from the same old same old of every day life.

Many people love to have adventurous sex, and by that I mean sex in public places. It's naughty! It's dangerous!  It's exhilerating! And some people are just exhibitionists who find the idea of people seeing them having sex very alluring.  It can increase the "fight or flight" hormone - adrenaline, which is turn can bring about a more intense or prolonged orgasm, and there in lies the attraction!

Orgies & swinging parties are as popular as ever; again it's something naughty & exciting to experience. Monogamy is not something that comes naturally, people can get bored and want to try out a new partner, so if you're both open to this type of liberating sex it can give a bit of a boost to any long term relationship.    

Whatever your fantasies, if it’s not hurting anyone & everyone is consenting, then why not push your boundaries and turn those fantasies in to reality?  You only live once ….

Hannah Hunter

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