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Ultimate penis enhancer goes wrong..

cactusOoo Im just thinking about impaling myself on that phalic-looking cactus.. Anyway - that's not what this is about.  A man in the USA is sueing after breaking his penis during a dalliance in a motel.  Oooooch! God, that must have seriously hurt.  But should he sue?  This pill is a natural supplement that promises to give men a harder erection and a more intense orgasm, also to increase stamina and lower recovery time - WOWZERS!  How tempting!  What man with blood running through his veins wouldn't want to try out this seemingly miracle?!   To see blood spurting out of your willy all over the walls would be nothing short of shocking - granted, but could he simply have been a little over zealous with his making-love techniques?  Or his paramour for that matter.  I can't help thinking I do hope the manufacturers do get a stiff fine because this poor chap has had quite a hard time.....

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