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Trimming the Bush

Over the last decade personal grooming has really taken off; manicures and pedicures, eyebrow and eyelash tinting and the waxing of just about every body part has really grown in popularity - and that's not just popular with the ladies, men love to keep on top of the finer details of grooming too.    Pubic hair gets a bad rap nowadays and the vast majority of my girlfriends prefer to keep their lady garden small and neat, either in the form a Brazilian or if they're an extreme groomer, they like to take it all off with a Hollywood.   However, a recent study has shown that women who have a Brazilian or Hollywood wax were 80% more likely to have an STI.  One reason behind this could be that sexually active people are more likely to keep themselves tidy down below, whereas people who are a bit starved on the sex front might well just let things become as nature intended - aka the seventies wedge!  It could also be - could it not, that pubic hair acts as a barrier against STIs, but I'm no doctor so don't hold me to that!  Waxing can produce tiny microtears which can increase the risk of an STI apparently.  So perhaps growing that bush back might not be such a bad idea after all, keeps you warm in the Winter, saves you some ££s and actually there are many men out there who adore the hairier bush too! Hannah Hunter ladygarden

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